20 November 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up London - November 2011

So today was the fourth Philofaxy Meet Up in London, exactly a year since the very first one, which to me seems ages ago in some ways, but in other ways it is still very clear in my head!

Every meet up we have had has been slightly different from previous ones, different people, new people, returning people etc. That in a way makes everyone a success, new ideas, we get to see new things and meet new and interesting people and catch up with 'old' friends.

As I've always said it's difficult to put in to words what it's exactly like to attend a Philofaxy meet-up, it's unlike anything I've previously experienced. Today, Anita sort of put her finger on it, in that it's like you have known the other people for what seems like a long time, and meeting them is just like putting the icing on the cake!

So following our tried and tested formula we all met up at Tate Modern Art Gallery on the south bank of the River Thames, where we had lunch and discussed Filofax, life, the way of the world and anything else we wanted to discuss... within reason!

However, it was a very relaxed lunch, which we stretched out to nearly 3 hours... very French! and then we had a walk to Neal Street, paced by Sharon, who makes sure we all get there in reasonable time and makes sure no one goes wandering off!!

Then we had an hour or so in the Filofax store with 'Deelightful Dee' at the Filofax store in Neal Street, who as always made us all very welcome and answered all our Filofax questions quickly and accurately and went to great length to retrieve items from the store cupboards for people to fully assess and decide and in some cases purchase. It has to be said Dee is a very patient Sales Manager, top marks to her when faced with the barrage of questions and requests when our small group 'hit the store' in true Philofaxy style!

Sadly like all good things in life they have to come to an end, and at about 5 pm we went our various ways to get to our stations to get home. But to be safe were required people went in pairs to make sure they got to their stations safely and in good time. The underground was packed as usual at this time of day and time of year. But we all got our trains in plenty of time and we all got home shattered, tired, but all with smiling faces.

And the best question at the end of the day was.... when are we having the next one Steve? Now I like that question!!!! Hopefully sometime in 2012, although no date has been set as yet.

So I would like to thank, Adam, Anja, Tracy, Imy, Christa, Kate, Tracy and Sharon for another great day. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I will try to do another post tomorrow with some more detailed and edited photos, but the above collage will give you a little taster of what the day was like...


  1. So glad you all had a great meetup!! I wish I could have been there!!!

  2. Aw! It looks like you had a great time. I was in London too yesterday as my lovely hubby took me to the V&A for a birthday treat. We stopped in at Conduit Street on the way home and I bought an amethyst deco. I did thinkof you all and was hoping you had a successful trip to Neal Street!
    The pictures are fab,that is an impressive pile of binders!

  3. Hi everybody,

    it really looks like you were having a great time. I really envy you and wish a could have joined.

    Did I count correctly? 43 Filos in the pile?

    Best wishes and until next time,

  4. Glad you had a great time. The smiles reveal that!!

  5. Glad you all had such an amazing time! An impressive collection of Filofaxes as usual :-)

  6. O.K.! My girlfriend is so much wiser than me! She realised even on the smartphone, that there is a mirror - so my counting was wrong...


  7. Our trick worked then!! Yes it was a glass wall, so you are also seeing the reflection!!

    We tried to stack them on the table, but it became very unstable so we opted for the wall instead!

  8. Look like you all had a really fun time. Wish I could have been there! So are you going to spill the beans and tell us what you all purchased at Neal Street?

  9. I wonder if Neal street stock up before you all arrive?!

  10. IT kinda looks like some weird girl with leopard ears was hogging most the pictures, shes in nearly all of them, SOME PEOPLE puffftttt ;-) hehe

  11. You guys look lovely. Glad you had a great time! Looking forward to 2012 Meet-Up!

  12. Steve, thanks so much for arranging this & I had the BEST day! Lots of filofaxes & lovely people :)
    My only purchase was a Christmas gift for my husband.
    Blog post to follow soon.

  13. oh, you have no idea how green I am with envy! To meet with people who "speak my language". I can't wait to read more blog posts and see more photos. It's wonderful that we have the internet and can peek in each others Filos and glean ideas and tips with blog posts, photos and YouTube, but to actually see and talk to other Filofanatics ... so jealous!

  14. Thanks for this update. Was thinking of all you guys yesterday. Really wish I could have been there. I live so close as well.

    Maybe next time il have enough courage to come. Am really shy and worried I won't fit in!!

  15. Oh, wish I could have made it. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time.

    @Miss Oakden - I felt the same way and was very nervous at my first meet up. I had such a wonderful time and went to two others after it. I hope I will make the next one and see you there.

  16. @ Miss Oakden, As well as Filofaxes we can also talk about patchwork and quilting, I am jelly roll and layer cake obsessed.

  17. @saffy. You've convinced me!! If you're there il be there with bells on. Never thought anyone shared my love of my obsessions. Filofaxes and fabrics. It's a shame you dont have a blog. I'd love to see what you get up to!!

    Do you have Flickr, facebook or twitter??? I'd love to have a chat with you!!!!

  18. Hi 'Miss Oakden'
    Well one year ago we were all strangers, none of us had met before.

    The first meet up was took over 6 weeks before anyone responded, these days places disappear within 48 hours!

    What is your Twitter username? There are a lot of people with similar craft interests as you as well as Filofax.

    Follow the @Philofaxy/Philofaxy-Readers list on Twitter and you will find dozens of us chatting every day at virtually any hour of the day or night in all parts of the world.

    The next London meet up will be some time in 2012 most probably sometime in March, date not firmly fixed as yet.


  19. @Miss Oakden, I don't do facebook or twitter but I have a flickr account which is not very up to date but has a few of my quilts. I will upload some recent photos this week. It sounds like we could chat for ages.

    If you search sewsaffy (people tab) it comes up with my photos. But it does need updating they are quite old photos.


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