30 November 2011

Productivity Tips?

At the suggestion of one of our readers (Alison) I am going to try an experiment today. Alison asked the following question:
Anything on Time Management, Organisation.... Filofax related if possible. Do you have any links to productivity stuff you have found useful, a You Tube video on organising your desk, links to makers of complimentary products and so on.
I thought, after all our Filofax Organisers are only one of our tools to help us with our day to day organisation. So how does your Filofax link in to these themes and do you have any links to more specific Time Management/Organisation sites.

Add any links or tips in to the comments. We might run this as a regular feature depending on the reaction to this first post.

Thank you Alison for your suggestion.

To get you started here's a few posts I've come across recently:


  1. Flylady.net is all about home and personal organization. Inspired by Femke's guest post on plannerisms, I have adopted this amazing system of routines to stay organized at home. I am also using a personal sized Baroque as my flylady control journal which is basically to keep track of all the things I need to do to stay on top of home organization. :) I am a single, young, professional and flylady caters more towards stay at home moms, but her tips and routines have helped me immensely!

  2. Not directly filofax-related but in general on (self-) management :

    Boosteur de vie (french)
    Le Manager Urbain (in french, too)
    Potion de Vie (guess what ? french ... )
    Blueprints (german)

    ... and the most important thing for me is sketching a mindmap when starting complex projects. Mindmaps on a huge piece of paper with everthing comes up to your mind and afterwards turn into lists, schedules etc. for the filo ...

  3. @Steve - thanks for trying this out! I'll comment later on suggestions, but excited to hear about other peoples ideas!

  4. More to do with procrastination (and how to try and tackle it) but I use two tricks, both using a 30min timer (I use a giant sand timer, but any timer would do - I just like the visual!).
    1. For tackling something that you can't summon the energy to do... say you will do 30 mins on it and start the timer. You can't do anything else but the task in those 30 mins, you can give yourself a reward at the end and even if you abandon the task after the 30 mins, you have at least started it, but the chances are you will have 'got into it' by then and keep working on it. I use this one a lot with my students who are trying to tackle their thesis!
    2. When really, what you want to be doing is reading Philofaxy and so on but you should be doing proper (paid) work. Then you promise yourself 30 mins of Philofaxy (or whatever) as a reward later in the day.
    Not sure if anyone else will find these useful, but they help me!

  5. Here is a link to a website about time management and organisation, it was posted a few weeks ago but since it is relevant….


    I love mind maps too but I just can’t think freely if a don’t have the space of large A3 paper, even though I know that I will only use a small fraction of the paper. After being drafted, reviewed and amended/updated many times, they are finally copied onto A5 or folded a4 and included within a main fax.

  6. I LOVE mind mapping and use it for a lot of things - I've even done to-do lists and frequently use it to design documents and training courses and presentations. I often use the Mind Mapping software which is expensive - but for me a business expense(the nice thing is you can print it out and file it in the filofax). I often recommend this free software to those who are on a smaller budget: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

    It's free mindmapping software. I know some people prefer the freedom of paper, but I kind of like the 'tidyness' of using the software and printing it out. I often annotate/highlight when printed out to make it more personal. Another advantage is that you can drag and drop things if you change your initial thoughts.

  7. One thing I like about exchanging ideas is that I have often used these in the past (for example mind mapping) but I can sometimes 'forget' them and need reminding!

  8. ha! thanks for the shout-out to my blog there!!!

    Im doing a whole series of posts on being organised so stay tuned!

  9. Thanks Alison for the link to the free software. Downloaded it and am excited to use it. I normally use the Rhodia Reverse Book or Rhodia Meeting book to draw my mind maps, but I think I will give this a try (as soon as I figure out all the neat little buttons)

  10. All I can say is WOW,WOW,WOW!!! What a great idea for a new section in Philofaxy. Sharing websites with organisational tools. After all, it's not just about time management, but task management. For me, Wunderlist is just a great tool, and is free on the internet- you can categorise your lists as you wish and print them off in Filofax sizes. Also for i-phone users, it can be used as an app. Also get buttoned up has some useful stuff...have used some of the free templates. Is great for working mums. Also www.kristensguide.com. Hope this is useful to some folks.

  11. Agree that http://flylady.net has very useful tools and suggestions (even for guys).

    Ditto on http://davidco.com. The website forums are interesting. Took a Managing Workflow seminar earlier this year through work, and it was very helpful. David Allen wrote "Getting Things Done", which everyone probably knows.

    Also like Autofocus/Superfocus a lot: http://www.markforster.net/.

    The Pomodoro Technique can be a good way to get things done: http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/

  12. I love this idea! I'll have to go through my myriads of resources since I have quite a few of them bookmarked/saved.


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