05 January 2012

A5 Flex Diary > A5 Filofax

Could a Flex A5 Diary be adapted to fit an A5 Filofax? 

I have seen this idea mentioned a couple of times in the comments on previous diary posts. So I thought I would give it a try.

I have a Flex A5 July 2011-July 2012 diary from when I did the review earlier this year. The nice thing about the Flex diaries is that they use cotton cream paper, which of course isn't available in Filofax A5 size.

A Flex of course is a bound book so getting this in to a Filofax was I going to be brutal/destructive with no way back....if you are in any way squeamish you had better look away now....

So first of all I had to take the Flex Diary taken apart.

First of all I removed the cover, by using a craft knife at the join between the cover and the contents.

As you can see the book nature of the Flex is retained even though the cover has partially been removed.

It then splits down in to five 'booklets' which are stitched, but the threads are easy to pull out and then the pages are then in loose leaf form.

Measuring the pages they are exactly A5 size (210 x 148 mm) so there's not additional margin in the middle.  I then used my trimmer to cut the A4 pages in to two to form the A5 pages. 

Punching the pages with an A5 punch you can see in the above scan that the punched holes do go through some of the content on some of the pages such as this year planner. Although this isn't too bad I suppose.

On diary pages the punched holes don't cause any problems, so if you only wanted the diary pages from the Flex in the A5 Filofax then this would work fine.

If you are going to carry out similar surgery on a Flex diary can I please ask that you do it carefully, sharp craft knives are dangerous things in in-experienced hands, and don't leave them around where children can get to them.


  1. Nicely done job! I don't think the punched holes interfere that much!
    Did you do that "hacking" because of the cotton cream paper?
    I am very new to Filofax and I don't know much about A5 sizes. I have been researching and learning about the sizes I just bought: Personal & Pocket. But I am having an eye on A5s already! LOL

  2. Yes that is correct they don't sell A5 cotton cream diary inserts for Filiofax

  3. I think it may have been me who started this back in June! Within days of my new A5 Flex arriving, I saw a couple of big disadvantages. Firstly I was not wanting to carry around a full 12 month diary, when I only need current weeks (for day to day planning). Secondly the inability to file any pages out of the fixed Flex notebook. So, I took a small (13mm) ring from an old Time Manager compact binder and fitted it inside my Flex. It looked great! This immediately gave me the benefits of the small Flex cover and flexible pockets, plus the ability to insert just the weeks I needed from the diary into the rings. It has worked very well! I just keep around four weeks worth of diary (last week, this week and the next two) plus essential current papers in the ring and use the slots for other Flex accessories (year planner and pen holders). 13mm is about the largest ring that will fit and still be able to close the Flex cover.

    I sent a couple of pictures to Filofax to show them my idea, but - typically - I didn't even get an acknowledgement, let alone a reply.

    I find the Flex cream pages work very well with all types of pen including Frixion. As Steve advises, just take care when using a modelling knife to slit the Flex stiching.

  4. @Tim that is amazing to hear. would you be kind enough to show your 'transplanting' skills with some photos so that we could have a go as well, please..? It is really impressive as it can revitalise some old binders that are being unused as the rings are dying...

  5. Thanks for this cool site! Newbie to Filofax here. Setting up my first one. It's hot pink! Sandra

  6. ::head tilt:: what a great idea!! I predict a run on A5 Flex contents at Filofax now!

  7. ..and the best bit is that you get a perfect unpunched A5 sheet. So you can punch any configuration of holes to suit your particular binder ring - Filofax, Time Manager, Franklin, Day Runner, Quo Vadis - even for obsolete Microfile (mentioned a couple of days ago!)

  8. And the details on where to punch the holes... will be coming up in a near future post...

  9. Great idea! I don't have an A5 (yet!) and was a little put off by the lack of choice in paper and inserts.

  10. Hi Sandra! Sounds lovely! Which Filofax do you have?

  11. What a great idea! I'm all for making things out of other things! And why do Filofax always have such a lack in colour?!


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