20 January 2012

Free for All Friday No. 166

Only connect...what does that mean? The prose and the passion...the future and the past...the sacred and profane?

I've always used my Filofax to schedule and prepare for the future, but I believe that most of a Filofax's value may lie in preserving and honoring the past.

Do you usually write things down before the fact or after?

What's on your mind (or Filofax) this Friday?


  1. I actually use my filofax for forward planning and documenting the past. Each day I write down what I intend to do, and add what I actually do. I also take quick notes on things that came up that day that I may want to be able to recall. I jot something down for any noteworthy weather.

    My diary pages in my filofax work fine. I'm in DPP and only problem is they get very cluttered with everything I do in a day. Hoping a switch to Do2P will solve the problem. My issue in my current setup is managing notes and tasks which cannot be assigned to specific dates/times. Thankfully I fired up the philofaxy archive and found LOTS of helpful solutions. I've been trying to organize my notes as I write them in, finding the appropriate page in the appropriate section for this particular thought or activity, but it is MUCH too complicated. Think I will Follow David Popely and just have one notes category for "capture" and then sort through it later and move it to the appropriate section for ideas or to dos. We'll see how it works out!

    Thanks again to philofaxy for showing the way!

  2. I am having a similar problem. Well, not actually similar but is related to not yet feeling comfortable with a setup. I want to do big picture planning but can't find a system that works for me so far. My daily tasks go ok but I am feeling a little lost considering that I need the big picture planning to prioritize my daily tasks.
    Also I want to put all my stuff in one binder but it just won't fit! :/ I have 4 filofaxes and 2 other organizers I am currently using but am having a hard time coordinating between all them.
    1FF is for work when I am actually at work - mostly for tasks and deadlines;
    2FF is for work/career that stays at home - I just changed careers and got a new job so I try to put down everything related to it, thoughts, ideas, goals, impressions etcetc;
    3FF is my wallet and for appointments outside work (that one is working pretty well actually)
    4FF is the one I am lost. There is all the other stuff I want to put down - daily tasks, happiness project, blog, health, overall planning for the year (on every aspect), etcetc and it is a little messy.
    One of "Other Planner" is for Grad school - timetables, timelines, notes, syllabus, etcetc.
    Second "Other Planner" is for house chores - everything in the house.

    I guess my problem is that 4FF. I am trying to tie together all the other ones thru that single one. It's all related after all. Not sure why I am stuck on that. I may just be overanalyzing it! :D

    I would appreciate suggestions anyway!

  3. I'm a bit of a before, during and after person....

    Before = just to make sure I keep on track..

    During - during the calls, whilst I'm browsing my pages, or ad-hoc things.

    After - to remind me!

  4. I definitely use my planner to plan and also as a record for future reference.

    My problem with using Filofax for this is the paper is not acid-free/ archival and so I don't trust it to preserve my important records.

  5. Slightly off topic, but as it's FFAF. What quotes do any of our Philofaxers use and put into their filofaxes that inspire you? Which give you positivity? Which make your day glow and flow? Thank you. xxx

  6. I think this is where using Smart 'phone technology and paper organisers can work side-by-side. It doesn't have to be an "either/ or" when it comes to Filofax v smart phone.

    I use an A5 Filofax monthly paper planner for ALL up-coming appointments and meetings. (I'm currently testing two - A5 dismantled cream Flex paper on my desk and a Flex slim for when out and about. I may end up just using the latter).

    I then transfer all appointments to Microsoft Outlook (boo..hiss, I hear) and (by synchronising) to my iPhone with any necessary alarms/ reminders. I then don't need to worry about them any more. Clashes or missing a crucial rendezvous (like failing to pick-up my daughter after her hockey match!) are eliminated, as the 'phone will jog my memory.

    Just as important, it means that my daily - Filofax A5 - planner is clear and free to log and record all the things that happen during the day (Dave Popely GTD style).

    I review all my notes from that day and copy them to the best section of my Filofax as necessary - project plans, information, actions or wherever! This leaves the calendar pages as a record of the day.

    So, my answer is before AND after!

  7. I am reading all this with interest as there are a lot of useful points already. I am awaiting delivery of my day-timer inserts (don't they take ages to deliver?). Plan is to record plans in this week per view (which also includes monthly sheets for planning) and record any must do items on the day. I'm still thinking on the other sections.

    I also have everything in my outlook calendar which I have set up to sync with iCloud. This means that anything entered into my diary on either my laptop, iPhone or iPad syns with the other devices automatically (at least that is the theory) so no forgetting.

    If I find that the week to view doesn't allow for enough scheduled items, I plan to get the day per view or 2 pages a day from day timer and just slip in the immediate week or day. I could do with recording time spent on individual customers / projects but I am not sure the best method for this as yet.

    The next stage is to sort out the todo lists. I have some personal stuff I want to record. I'm thinking of using the day-timer 'hot lists' inserted within the week I am viewing to record todo items as it will keep them in my view. I'm concerned that if I don't I won't look at them! I also have a small white board which I am thinking of re-purposing to list current projects. (I can even forget about those!)

    I have an A5 binder I use for menu planning and home related things, but don't really run a diary in this. However I did think I could use a monthly view as a menu planner.

  8. Three weeks into the year I feel like I am having a planner breakdown. Does anyone know that uneasy feeling when something niggles at you but you dont know what you need to do to solve the niggle and you cant rest until you do? Well I am having that right now. I love my pocket Malden but I have been assessing what I am actually using the planner for and why I am carrying all this stuff around with me all the time. In my Filofax I have a WO2P, which is pretty much the only thing in it that I use on a daily basis. The notes section only has a few recipes, there are one or two to-do lists and other pages with notes on etc but none of these are references daily or even weekly in most cases. So, I have been thinking....brace yourselves...that maybe I could use a smaller "diary" for out and about which would replace the WO2P and then use a Deskfax (which was recently given to me by my step-father who has had it since the 1980's and never told me!) as a stay-at-home binder with all the info from the pocket (recipes/info on my dog/quotes/etc etc and as an address book combined.
    Does anyone else only have an at home filo?
    Maybe I should do the above and just keep the WO2P in the pocket and continue using it. sigh.
    Can anyone offer me some advice?

  9. Hi everyone! I've been reading Philofaxy for awhile, but it's my first time commenting. I have an unrelated question ... does anyone know if the difference between the "Personal Business/Visiting Card Holder" and the "Personal Credit Card Holder" is just that the business card holder has openings along the top and the credit card holder has them along the side?

    I'd like a place to store credit card-sized cards, but I'd rather have the top openings.


  10. @Jess
    I have the ones which open along the top and have store cards (credit card size) in mine.
    Hope that helps.

  11. @Amanda Cool, thanks! One other question, how many cards can you fit in there?

  12. @ Jess. The Business card holder (top opening) holds six cards - three front and three back. The credit card holder only holds three credit cards.

  13. @Jess
    As SSA says, this:
    technically holds 6, three on each side, but I think I have managed to jam 2 cards in each slot on one side (but haven't tried jamming 2 cards into each slot on each side) - so it could possibly hold 9 cards.
    Hope that helps.

  14. Just found out that Filofax Germany has a 3for2 offer on Paper&Essentials (no diary refills, no adress software). If you purchase 3 items from this category, they give you the cheapest one for free. The offer is running till 24. January 2012.

  15. @Scoot. Thank you so much for the quotes. I particularly liked the success is a journey one. As I am applying for jobs still, that seems apt to keep up the positive motivation and go getting drive. Thanks for your thoughts.

  16. @SSA, @Amanda, Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

  17. @SSA - re: carrying around a big Filofax with little in it... Week 3 and I think I may have come to the same conclusion. I made a list of everything I need to carry around and found that most of it was either on my iPhone (appointments/ to-do's/ contacts etc) or was only needed when at home/ office (I work from home). The only exceptions were a year planner and a note pad for jotting down things as they happen (for transfer when back at the office).

    So, after years of carrying around various A5 binders, trying to keep them slim for portability, I'm trying to confine mine to my des. There, it can get fat as I can now stuff anything into it, knowing it's all there in one place. I may bend the "office only" rule if I'm on a really long train journey, but for general out and about, I've purchased a Grey Flex Slim with year planner, Flexion pen and note pad. Credit cards/ receipts and bank notes have gone in the outside slots with - but behind - the elasticated pen holders. This way the whole thing can stay closed and still access my money and keep til receipts. I hate the plastic Flex binders but am confident that leather versions will be coming out soon.

    It's going to be tough, but I'm going to see if I can survive with just that!

    Good luck with your week 3 review!

  18. I know this may sound daft but I keep whiteboard pens with me everywhere. I have an amazingly short term memory and so anything that springs to mind I will just jot down on a window! I find the mirror work best though, especially for positive messages as I can't help but give myself a quick glance in the morning before I rush out.

    I too am currently baffled by what system I should use but I'm going to figure all that out when my a5 Malden arrives.

    But whiteboard pens are the way forward in the meantime, I find they always really help whilst dieting! Be careful before you write on things like your fridge though, do a small tester in a hidden area first!

  19. In terms of preserving the past, it's 25 years ago since my son was born 19 Jan. And I still have my Filofax diaries from then, they make interesting reading before and after his birth date.

    For instance it's 25 years since Terry Waite was reported missing presumed kidnapped in Beruit. The papers of 19/01/1987 where full of the details. South East England was covered in snow.. and Alison and I had just bought a new car, an MG Metro D339 MKN... it's all in the diaries...

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  21. I have a question about buying a chameleon personal. Seeing as they are going to be retired, do you think they will go on sale, or will they just stay at current prices?

  22. Bridget, the styles on their way out often do go on sale, but not always right away. Sometimes they go on drastic discount when it's time to make room for the new stock (such as those 50% off sales).

    Problem is, you can't be certain that the color and/or size you want will still be available by sale time. Usually they do the drastic discounts to clear out the last of what remains.

    I hate to enable, but my own policy is, if I really really want it, I'd better just buy it. Otherwise I get very disappointed when they are gone and I missed out!

    Does anyone else have any info about potential sales?

  23. Filofax Sweden currently has a 50% sale on Chameleon and other models (Deco, Adelphi, Scanda).

    Just saying...