16 January 2012

Poll results: How many weeks of diary pages do you keep in your Filofax?

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll!  Here are the results:

How many weeks of diary pages do you keep in your Filofax? (252 total votes):

Less than 1 month  11 (4%)

1-3 months  45 (17%)

4-6 months  41 (16%)

7-12 months  130 (51%)

More than 12 months  25 (9%)

I was really surprised that so many people keep 7-12 months' worth of diary pages in their Filofax at one time!


  1. Organiser companies take note, there are people who have already been looking for 2013 diaries. If you don't make them over a year in advance people will wander to another company's products or make them; and you will lose business!

  2. Scoot I completely agree, I would prefer if planners/ diaries were available a year before they start (rather than the usual 4-6 months before) because I like to plan things well in advance. And because I like to see what's new!

  3. I would be curious to know, of the people who keep 7-12 months of diary pages in their book, what format they are? i.e. Week per page, etc.

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  5. @terriknits
    Like Just-Jenny I have a full year of month to view and week on 2 pages. I also have 7 days of day per page but am considering abandoning these...

  6. I have a year's worth of day per page which I am trialling in A5 and a weekly review page my essential.I used to have a month to view too, but it irritated me witless having to synch diaries all the time. I am really a one diary one life person. I have a thin personal Amazona in my handbag for when I am out and about, in case I bump into friends and arrange a lunch or coffee. I synch that diary as I go along.