29 January 2012

Starting over

Do you ever start completely over with a new Filofax?

Normally when I move over into a new binder, I transfer long-term inserts, information, addresses, and accessories so that I don't have to re-write things that are still current.

But this time when I start my new Aston Filofax, it will be entirely new inside. My plan is to start using it when we move away from Indonesia (which will hopefully be this summer sometime). It will be my all-new Filofax, a fresh start in planning and in life.

I want to make a clean break from this chapter in my life and move forward fresh and new. So I'll have a new diary insert, rewrite my info and address pages, get new maps and even a new sticky notes accessory rather than just transfer over my old ones.

Especially long-time Filofax users, do you always transfer still-current things over from your old Filofax to your new one? Or do you sometimes make a clean break and start completely over with your new Filofax?


  1. Oh crap--I hadn't thought of starting all over...hmmm maybe for my birthday--just for fun!

    Now off to look at binders...is the Chameleon on sale yet?

  2. I started over fresh with my new Malden this year. I am using the inserts that came with the Malden plus a few more that I purchased from filofaxusa. My old dayrunner was a household binder to keep track of chores and household information. This new binder is a writing companion. Different organization and things needed for it. I am playing with a few decorative ideas that I've found here on the blog too. Another departure from my old, plain plastic dayrunner. :)

  3. When I set up my crimson Malden I rewrote the things that were on coloured paper onto white paper because I wanted more coordination between the paper, and it to look more professional with just white. Now I'm using pink and purple binders and I think having different coloured paper, especially with my very colourful Flavia Day Timer diary, looks so cute and fun! So when I write things on coloured paper I just move them straight over to the new binder, I don't rewrite them- plus I don't have time for that now!

  4. With my A5 Malden, I started a fresh, the 30mm one had arrived with no inserts at all, so it was good to install just the things I wanted in to it. I did in advance of 2012 and got things in to it by December.
    I transferred a few things from my old one such as maps, but otherwise it was a fresh start.
    When I got the Cuban zip I could have just moved everything from my Malden in to it. But I decided to check through it first and in fact it slimmed it down a bit.

  5. I'm awaiting a FedEx delivery of my new A5 Malden in Ochre. It will have all new pages but I'll probably just transfer my current pages from my black A5 Finsbury to the Malden. But now that Laurie is passing on the idea, I may have to reconsider!

  6. I have started fresh in the past, but honestly, everything ends up being the same - the same set up and information. So now, I don't even bother. I just transfer everything from one binder to another.

  7. I am starting fresh. I recently bought a new Cuban personal.
    The diary is used to record shifts, holidays diabetic readings and everyday things, but what prompted the new purchase was the state of the old binder and the address book.
    I sent a christmas card to an old address I had not updated!!! There were so many crossings out and new adressess. So it is a rewrite and tidy up.