14 January 2012

Web Finds 14 January 2012

Well another week has zipped by. I've been submerged with my head deep in another unpaid project for another organisation all day, so it's been great to finally finish that one and emerge to do some things on Philofaxy that I love and enjoy doing.

So what have we discovered this week. Lots of 2012 set up posts still coming through naturally. 



  1. Just dropped by to say thanks for the link to my Crochet Filofax Cover - I have had loads of visitors from your site! If it generates £50 of sales then I will make you a cover for free!

  2. Oh - why did I sneak a look just now?? I have loads of stuff to do before I can settle down and read all this.
    Oh well. Some time late this afternoon will be reward time. I always love these posts (and thank you for wishing my blog happy birthday!).

  3. Could I ask a favor of all the Filofax bloggers out there? Would you please enable the mobile version in your settings? That way I can read all your blogs on my loyal little iPod without straining my eyes. THANKS!!!!!

  4. @Jotje
    More than happy to (but don't know how to...). I've had a quick look and I think it should be set okay, but since my phone is too old to be able to check, I'm not sure if it is... Can anyone confirm/deny?

  5. I always look forward to the Saturday "webfinds" post :)

  6. I love these links, and I'm always thrilled when my own links appear here. Appearing in the Philofaxy Web Finds feels like a real seal of approval.

    If you followed the link to The Crazy Life of J blog, you probably saw the video of the Franklin Covey Swing Pad, a brilliant idea that I didn't know existed.

    It inspired me today to create this hack that achieves a similar outcome:


  7. Just getting round to a good read now! Cup of tea needed. Thanks for the link!


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