01 January 2012

2011 Some Numbers and Popular Posts

Happy New Year to all our readers. 

Philofaxy is brought to you by.....


2011 was a very successful year on a number of fronts for Philofaxy
  • 7 years... Philofaxy is in to it's seventh year, which I suppose is a long time in the life of a blog
  • 10 Philofaxy meet ups in different parts of the world in 2011, after the first one in 2010, 2011 became the year of the Meet-up, let's look forward to more in 2012 
  • £500 the total of our charity donations, raised through your donations and earned through the commission earned from sales through the site
  • 530 the number of posts in 2011 on Philofaxy, err yes we got a little carried away!
  • 1450 the number of pages in the Philofaxy year books of 2011, the latest quarter is now available for download
  • 273,500 visits to Philofaxy in 2011, it was 112,000 in 2010
  • 793,500 page views on Philofaxy in 2011, it was 280,000 in 2010

The Top 10 Posts of 2011 (based on page views in 2011)

  1. Filofax Templates - This post dates back to 2009, but it gets the most visits each month! I occasionally up date it with the full list of or growing list of templates we now have available.  Most visitors to the post come direct from Google searching for 'Filofax Templates' 100% match I guess.
  2. Guest Post Task and Time Management with Filofax - Jotje - This has also proved to be a long standing favourite, this is the set up of Jotje's personal Malden, great post, I learnt a lot from this post, not only the content, but also how popular posts like this are.
  3. Filofax Buyers Guide - I created this over the Christmas/New Year holiday in 2010.
  4. Alternative refills for your Filofax - My discovery of QV Timer inserts lead to a lot of other similar posts this year including the almost never ending series of posts on diaries for 2012
  5. Diary Inserts for 2012 Part 1 - I thought I was never going to get to the end of this series of posts, the more I looked on the web, the more I found! But I hope you have a better idea now of what is available out there.
  6. A Pocket Full of Life - Jotje The follow up to Jotje's earlier post this time she tackled the Pocket size and again it proved to be very popular.
  7. Time Management with Filofax Diary - A popular topic on Philofaxy, I predict that David's recent guest post on this topic will be up here next year, it's just outside of the Top 10 at the moment...already!
  8. Printing your own Filofax Personal Pages With thanks to 'Nellie' for this one, I've since been expanding the number of Personal size pages available and printing them off successfully.
  9. Filofax Flex Review - Quite a memorable series of posts for me as most of them were written whilst I was in a hotel in UK, the package arrived the morning I was departing for UK.
  10. Filofax Germany The list wouldn't be complete without this post... when the €9 sale was announced, the whole Twitterverse went crazy! OK Filofax UK where is our £9 sale... hint! Thank you to Iris of Filomaniac for the tip off!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012


    1. Thanks guys for a fabulous Philofaxy year. Your pages gave me advice when I was buying my first Filofax back in February and have been a constant source of inspiration ever since. I have been 'enabled' by everyone (much to my DFs delight I'm sure) and am now the very proud owner of various sizes and styles of FF and have even been 'enabling' other people - who now also love Philofaxy :o)

      Thanks again and here's to more excitement and enrichment in 2012.

      Happy New Year!!! xxx

    2. Happy New Year everyone.

      And thanks Philofaxy team for a great year.

    3. Thanks for all the hard work team! Happy New Year to everyone. Xxx

    4. Happy new year to everyone! Here's to health, happiness and world peace in 2012 ...

      Thanks to Steve, Nan and Laurie for making this blog such a special place for all us crazy people!

    5. You guys rock. 'Nuff said.