16 January 2012

Phone Directory

So what do you do when the new telephone directory turns up on your door step or in your mail box?

Most people I expect grab the old one and put it in the recycling..... you do recycle don't you??

Anyway, during my meet up with Nikki last month here in France, she showed me some things she had in her A5 Filofax that had come straight out of the old phone directory.

When I looked at our recently replaced phone directory there was a great map in the back cover of the area which I will salvage. Some of the introduction pages include information from local government agencies, lists of useful phone numbers etc.

Now some of this information was printed on the very thin paper used for phone directories, but I will copy Nikki's idea of laminating those pages with a laminating machine and then punching them to fit my Filofax, this will make sure the pages don't tear when the pages are turned.


  1. For years I have just recycled these immediately they arrived....I can find any phone number faster by internet than by paper look-up, so why keep them?

    However, some interesting ideas here, and I'll take a closer look next time one arrives, to see if there is anything worth keeping.

    However, it will all come back down to the hoary old question of finding a decent FF hole punch (without bankrupting myself in the process) to determine whether I can actually keep stuff filed or not.....

  2. What a great idea. Off to dust down the directories and the laminator. Thanks Steve. xx

  3. Never thought of this - how useful!

    @David - Steve did a very useful post on reasonably priced whole punches recently - I picked up one on ebay last year which works beautifully.

  4. David
    Under ten pounds for a personal size punch... see here for details:



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  6. As Steve mentioned - the hole punch http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rapesco-Diary-6-Hole-Sheet-Punch/dp/B000J6EXM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326735888&sr=8-1 play.com are also selling it for the same price with free delivery too. Think I might get one at the end of the month as the fold-in-half filofax one is doing my head in!

  7. Great ideas. Only problem is - I can't remember the last time I we got a new directory. I think they miss our door as it doesn't face the street.

    1. Sounds like the people who used to deliver to my old apartment building. "Oh, I can't be bothered actually going and knocking on his door; I'll just leave a card to call in the letterbox so he has to drive halfway across town to pick up his parcel."

  8. Great idea and I just threw the new one into the recycle bin. Next time.


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