03 January 2012

Free For All Tuesday No 48

So today or yesterday was the first day back at work for most people. But let us help you answer any Filofax questions you might have.

Fire away with your Filofax questions.


  1. To Do pages on coloured paper for A5, do they exist or am I looking at printing my own?

  2. Hi, Happy new year first!
    Well, I want to ask about my Filo problem. I got this Denim pocket size Filofax last year, and almost used it 2~3 monthes, then I changed to the other cover and put Denim in the box(that comes with diary when you buy it). And the problem is after 5~6 monthes later I took out to use it for 2012, but found a white fungus on the cover. But the thing is I put them with all other my diaries ( Some filofax leather one, some franklin covey one, and others..).All other diaries are ok but this Denim. And I asked how to treat this problem to US or UK filofax, but it didn't help to solve the problem. I wanted to have special treatment not to affact any harm on it, but they told me to ask to Dry cleaner.
    I ask them in the first place because they are the master craftman, and specialist for Diaries in the world. That's why I wanted to hear from them to find out what the root problem to make this mold specially in regular shape.

    And I have a question, why only this Denim has a problem? the thing is the white fungus has regular pattern on the cover, it spots with same space. Is it because the glue under the cover?

    I really want to use this one, it is still new but fungus. Please help and advice for me!!

  3. Happy new year everyone... Has anyone heard about Microfile? I saw a friend yesterday and he was holding a A5 sized one very similar to Lyndhurst and the holes correspond to personal. A5 paper punched to match personal hole spacing. Was interesting as the paper they have does not bleed for pens. Anybody ever come across one?

  4. Liar,
    I don’t think Microfile exist anymore; I hope that I am wrong.
    Their binders were more realistically priced and some were of leather and good quality, with some interesting designs and colours. Many binders were cheap, made from imitation leather that itself was of poor quality. Rings matched Filofax in at least “personal” and “A5”.

    Their contents were different and therefore interesting, though not significantly different to Filofax.

  5. @suejong.If your planner is a pocket Urban, then the denim fabric is waxed slightly. The cleaner for this you can get at an outdoor activities shop, eg Oswald Bailey and is the same one you use for cleaning waterproof macs. It can be expensiveish though and of course no guarantees that it will work either of course.But worth asking in the shop maybe?? My Urban has stained easily, but not with the white fungus you are describing.

  6. Happy New Year all!!

    I’m Nikki & I’m new to Philofaxy. This site was recommended to me by someone whom I purchased a filofax from. I too have a love of filofaxes & I have owned at least over one hundred in my life-time.

    It is my 35th birthday on 13th January so I treated myself to several new filofaxes. I was going to buy just the one but that naughty little voice in my head kept saying ‘buy it, just buy it’.

    I will list all the filofaxes I have bought as my birthday treat -

    A5 Cuban red
    A5 Cuban brown
    A5 Finsbury raspberry
    A5 Finsbury aqua
    A5 Finsbury pink
    A5 Finsbury green
    A5 Kendel brown
    A5 Lyndhurst black
    A5 Chameleon raspberry
    A5 Malden vintage pink
    A5 Siena cinnamon
    Personal Finsbury raspberry

    WHAT A BIRTHDAY TREAT!!! My partner thinks I’ve gone completely mad!! Have I gone mad??? I have had a filofax addiction for most of my life but this is the first time I have bought so many at one time. I do love them all though. I am currently using the a5 Cuban red but I see myself switching to the a5 Malden vintage pink as it’s so beautiful.

    I use my filofax to organise my busy life as a mum of two. In the past I used a filofax for university everyday and couldn’t go a day without it.

    I had a nice collection prior to my birthday haul which I will have to list another time.

    I am looking for a a5 Cuban zip in red if anyone knows where I can buy one or if anyone is selling one, I’d be grateful.

    I would love to go to the next meet-up in London so please can I be added to the mailing list for that?

    I love your website & I read it everyday. Thank you Phliofaxy for existing! Just to reassure I’m not mad I’m just filofax mad & I wish I could have a whole house full of filofaxes lol…


  7. holy bejesus. that is a lot of filofax!
    i don't even want to think what that would all cost

    *sits in the corner holding her little amazona remembering fondly when she thought spending £50 on a diary was total extravagance*

  8. Hi Nikki, are you the person who bought the A5 raspberry Finsbury from me on ebay? Did it get to you safe and sound?
    Happy New Year! :)

  9. @Scoot Thanks a lot for the info. I am trying to 'enable' him but he is adamant with the microfile and has already borrowed the guillotine and the Rapesco. Still pushing forwards to bring him into the fold! :-)

    @Nikki Phew.. I thought I had the ebay red mist in the last 8 weeks but that is a tall order.. Especially A5 Siena.. Where did you buy that? Would be chuffed to see one in hand, me thinks.. Please do post a photo of the Siena please, please..

  10. @Suejeong Hi.

    Regarding your 'white fungus' I wonder it the cupboard you stored it in was a little damp may be? Or if the denim is treated in some way then may be it has reacted to the lack of fresh air circulating around it.

    A dry cleaner would seem a sensible suggestion. Or a foam carpet cleaner so there is the minimum of moisture. Try a small area with a cotton bud and some cleaner to see if that will remove the fungus before you tackle the whole area.


  11. I bought most from ebay but they were brand new. I will take some photos soon to show them. Today i bought the siena a5 brand new and boxed from ebay for just £50.00! I've read they retail at £150.00 so i got a nice bargain. Nice to meet you all on here.

    @ Kate, hi yes i got your lovely finsbury a5 thanks for that i love it! If you have any others for sale do let me know i love increasing my collection.



  12. Am I the only one out there second guessing the FriXions? As much as I love them for their flexibility, I got to thinking about their archival qualities the other day while setting up for 2012.

    Really, I asked myself while packing away my 2011 FriXion covered pages: "will I be able to look back on these in a few years?"

    I know there are those out there who throw their diary pages out at the end of each year, but to this day I LOVE looking back at pages of the past. And now I'm wondering if convenience should really rank above durability and longevity.

    Any thoughts? Since I switched over to FC DPP sheets this year, I'm thinking about testing out a pack of simple, Sharpie extra fine points due to their low cost, permanence, and color range since the sheets are a higher quality than FF ones.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone else worried about the archival qualities with FriXions?

  13. It occurs to me that the title “Filofax collector” gives a degree of legitimacy to the activity, also justification to collect more.

  14. @Nikkie Super impressive! :D

    @J I quit using Frixions after some things disappeared from my planner...EEK!

  15. First workday back means I get to fill my old Durham Personal zip with a new day per page - like the first day of school . . .

  16. @Nikki
    Wow, it appears that I no longer hold the record on most Filofaxes. That is a very nice birthday treat! You should display all of them together and take photos of them so we can all see. Happy Birthday!

  17. @Nikki: this is THE birthday treat! I am jealous! :D

    @everyone: Is that a insert compatible with pocket size that are not made by Filofax? I know the FC works ok with personal size but can't find anything for pocket. Any suggestions?

  18. @J I have just completed the shortest love affair imaginable with FriXions. I bought my first pair a week ago, the friXion point, in red and black, and was in love. Bought a .7mm brown one from jetpens.com. Love even more. Then realized that they are likely not permanent! I love how they write and I love that I can clean up my horrible handwriting and all mistakes, but I cannot use pens which are so probably not actually permanent. I am using the brown one to "pencil in" my dpp and Mo2P, and a Pilot G-Tec-C4 black .4mm gel pen for day to day. I could not go back to my bic 4 color pens after using gel pens for a week, especially with the small lined spaces in the dpp. The fine point works beautifully for these. Shame about the frixions.

  19. @J - You know how much I love my Frixions. I hadn't thought of their archival status. I hope I am not disappointed. I used to use the Sharpie pens (you mentioned markers, so I don't know if we're talking about the same product) prior to the Fixions and I liked them as well. I do have two issues with them though - they tend to bleed through the Filofax paper somewhat, though I wouldn't say it was unbearable (at least to me). My other issue is that the barrel for each pen color is the same, minus a few stripes which represented the color of the ink. If you have them laid out before you, it's not a problem. But if you keep them in a bag (like I do), it's a pain in the neck to figure out which pen is what color. I had to take them all out to find the color I was looking for. It's not a deal-breaker really; just annoying to me. Overall, if you're thinking of switching to them, I do think they're worth it. I hope that helps!

  20. @JY11, WH Smith make pocket paper inserts that are very, very nearly the same size as Filofax Pocket paper.

  21. @jy11. Barnes and Noble sold a pocket sized calendar refill for July 2011-Dec 2012. Some of the spacing is tight, but I don't mind it. Isbn 978 059415264 4

    @Nikki. Happy birthday early, and wow! Sounds like a lovely collection.

  22. @Josh- I'm glad I'm not alone! I also completely fell in love with writing with them, but in the long run what is the point of convenience if it doesn't last?

    @Kanalt- I was talking about the actual Sharpie markers. I've used, and still use the pens quite a bit, but not in my planner. While I love how the Sharpie pen writes, and the small color indicator isn't a big problem for me, I found that EVERY one I bought would have the same problem: the paint or covering on the barrel would chip off. Whether it was in my hand or in my pen bag, I'd find little paint chips all over the place and it drives me nuts!

    I stopped at Staples yesterday, and ended up picking up a pack of Pilot V5s and I'm loving them so far. Of course, I also had to buy a bottle of white out, but I'd rather have that than risk losing all of my planner contents!

  23. Just wanted to put in a big THANK YOU to Laurie and some other folks here. You all gave me some super advice around Dec 23 as I was making a final decision on purchasing my first Filo. I got my A5 Aston today, and it's lovely! Now working on inserts for 2012... Thanks for all your help, I am sure I will be back with more questions!

  24. Just wanted to put in a big THANK YOU to Laurie and some other folks here. You all gave me some super advice around Dec 23 as I was making a final decision on purchasing my first Filo. I got my A5 Aston today, and it's lovely! Now working on inserts for 2012... Thanks for all your help, I am sure I will be back with more questions!

  25. @Ray & Sandra: I'lll try to find them and see how work for me. Thank you for the suggestions!