08 January 2012

Filofax Future Products

We have often shared our thoughts on what we would like to see in the the Filofax product range in the past. Filofax will soon be announcing their 2012 range, although I have no idea yet what will be in that range, we have had a few clues as to what won't be in the range.

But what would you like to see in 2013 and beyond?

Personally I wouldn't concentrate my suggestions on organisers too much, apart from may be some colour suggestions, and may be some additional ring size requests (A true A5 slimline.... and may be a 30mm Personal Malden).

My requests would mainly be on inserts, better quality paper, better availability of diary inserts from abroad, or some new designs of diary inserts, may be a some more specialist inserts that are aimed at GTD.

So what are your suggestions?

Drop them in to the comments in to this post, or if you want email them to philofaxy[at]gmail[dot]com or if you are on the Skype chat today, I will take your suggestions verbally and I will compile our 'wish list' and make sure it gets to Filofax UK, I can't say how much notice they will take of our suggestions... but if we don't try then we will never find out.


  1. I'd like a Personal diary layout that recognises that weekends can be busy, too!

  2. Yes Ray, that would be really useful!

  3. Different coloured today markers and more cotton cream.

  4. Much better paper quality and better designs. They need to take a look at franklin covey and day timer.

    I'd like to a set of goal setting / key areas inserts. Coloured today markers. Coloured or designed dividers. Wider range of diary inserts (just consolidating all options available on all websites would be a good start).

  5. I use Cotton Cream because the ordinary inserts have small spaces for the weekend. WHY?! I think Filofax have forgotten that their customer base doesn't just consist of people that use a Filofax for work. I often have plenty of things to put in for the weekend and I don't have enough room using the ordinary white inserts. Plus the paper's rubbish anyway.

    I would really like an insert that deals with three different things: Appointments, To Dos and Reminders, like this Franklin Covey one:


    I would be willing to move up to the Personal size from Pocket if they did one of these. I currently use a WO2P and DPP together so I can fit everything in that I need to (as well as using different coloured pens to differentiate between reminders/appointments). Having it all on one page would be much better.

    I also think that they should put the full length wallet pockets into Personal sizes. I've found this pocket really useful in my Finsbury Pocket and would miss it if I moved up to Personal.

  6. definitely bigger ringsize for all personals :)More compact and slimsize binders. and also bigger rings for those. More non-leather binders :)

  7. Agree with Ray Blake Definitely better layouts. Weekends sometimes needs even more space than weekdays. so at least as large a space the weekdays, please. And the Week+notepage pp for all sizes !

  8. @Lucy - have you seen this? http://mylifeallinoneplace.blogspot.com/2012/01/2012-page-per-day-for-filofax-personal.html

  9. Have to include decent quality paper, but mainly better quality leather (without cheap plasticky coating) and diaries printed on light pastel coloured paper (yellow, green, blue?). Also, adjustable pen loops, coloured rings, a slot for a USB memory card worked into the ring mechanism, more colourful or imaginative page markers and dividers, pages of sticky labels in matching colour schemes to the Filofax dividers (Diary, Finance, To Do, Planning, etc etc), locks with some grandeur like the Deco.

    Special inserts, whether calorie counters, spelling guides, or quick language guides.

    Most of these ideas are inexpensive and easy to achieve, as I am sure most peoples ideas are, so yet again I wonder what the objectives are at Filofax. Perhaps it is just another company sleeping on its laurels, another target for destruction by an innovative foreign company who sees this blog and wants to cash in on the customers Filofax are ignoring.

  10. I want new colors for the Malden Pocket.

  11. I would love to see adjustable pen loops (leather but with a bit of elastic) on ALL binders, because quite frankly, the pen loops are too small!!
    I would also love to see more colours in the binders, especially the Malden range!
    I agree with everything about more and better inserts, and they should definitely merge all the filofax products on all the different countries' websites, so everyone can buy them!!
    But I think what Filofax should definitely do is put all of those Filofaxes they've been holding back on the website- the A5 Malden in grey, the Holborn zipped in personal size, Chameleon in compact size etc. Why are they not selling these on the Filofax website???

  12. @Ray

    That's fab! Just what I'm after! But a lot of printing, cutting and punching though?? If you've created a template for one then there's certainly demand for it. I wonder how much though? I'd buy it!

    I don't have a Personal Filofax but maybe I ought to have a look for one now . . . oh hell, here we go again . . .


    Yes I forgot about adjustable pen loops. Definitely need those. I'm having to sell a gorgeous Aston Orchid because I can't get any of my favourite pens in the loop! :-(

  13. @Ray

    Just had a quick nosey on your Blog - love it! Especially your shopping lists. I do a similar kind of thing - do one long list but then highlight the different areas in the supermarket where I get the things from. Eg: Fruit & veg is green, yellow is dairy etc etc. It makes my shop much quicker! I'll spend some serious time looking at your site later on, thanks! X

  14. The inserts are the biggest issue this company has. I ordered a new Filofax recently and just sent it back. I can not deal with the poor paper quality and poor design of the wpp and dpp. I reordered a "Planner Pad" and new cover totally $135.00. Not that my minor dollars will affect Filofax. But how many others out there have been turned off by the paper and format and moved to another brand?

  15. I’ve got another.
    Fact 1: Women are a high proportion of Filofax customers.
    Fact 2: Women like both stylish and fashion products.
    Fact 3: Many women make a conscious choice to avoid leather products; even ignoring leather shoes and handbags!

    Therefore, why on earth does Filofax regard non-leather materials with such disregard that they place them at the lower end of the scale? The Domino is fun, but the rest of the non-leather are rank. Isn’t it a no-brainer to have an upmarket, real stinking with quality, non-leather series of faxes.....at least for women?

  16. @Scoot
    Not sure why you think most women don't like leather filofaxes... but anyway, on the other filofax sites around the EU, there is a nice-looking non-leather filofax called 'dakota'
    I don't think it has come to the UK though...

  17. I think it's the vegan angle...

    But look closely at a Flex cover which isn't leather but is of very good quality... in my opinion...


  18. @Amanda
    The Dakota is made of bonded leather.

  19. @Gerard
    It indeed. Google translate is a better linguist than me and Babelfish! I had looked at the Italian site originally and Babelfish said:
    Cuoio rigenerato ecologico
    translated as:
    Regenerated leather ecological
    which I took to mean that it was fake leather (as did the price).
    Google translate says:
    ecological bonded leather


  20. I didn’t think that most women don’t like leather Filofaxes, I wrote that “Many women make a conscious choice to avoid leather products” … a wonderful discovery for a man because it has to be the one excuse that women themselves created to avoid buying yet more shoes or handbags.

    I’m not sure that Filofax, or the leather industry, would like “bonded leather” being described as “non-leather”. I think most bonded leather consists of small pieces of leather mixed with a glue and then pressed smooth, quite artificial really; yet the name conjures thoughts of professionalism and class. I think many people are misled by the names given to many leathers. I have an old bonded leather fax that was beautiful and smooth when new, but after 4 or 5 years it looked quite shabby.

    There are so many materials in the world, manmade and natural, that I think it is a great loss to miss out on silk etc; manmade materials, even with unique prints. Even if they didn’t want to move away from leather, a quick look at the Succes website shows that Filofax aren’t as innovate and therefore promoting leather as well as they could.

  21. To be completely honest I'd like to see Filofax focus a little less on fashion and more on function. In the past year or two they have really gone in the direction of pushing Filofax as a fashion accessory with the fleeting styles of binders changing out every year, or even few months. As we all know, fashion is fickle and I think they are taking a big risk putting all their eggs in the fashion basket.

    Meanwhile those of us who care less about fashion and more about function are at a disadvantage. Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful binder, but if the inserts are useless I can't use a Filofax no matter how beautiful it is.

    I hope they, as many have said, upgrade the paper in their diary inserts (acid-free and archival please!!!!!!). A better selection of diary formats would be hugely welcome.

    And I'll say it again, a truly slimline A5 without bulky pockets (such as the Adelphi has).

  22. I would like to see a diary similar to PlannerPads. Columns divided into appointments and to dos. Both for A5 and Personal.

    I would like to see binders have more choices in ring sizes.

    I would like to see a binder that could hold a smart phone, or an accessory to attach to a binder to hold a smart phone. For my job i run major events and trade shows. I fill a binder with all the notes I need specifically for each event. I would like to be able to have my iphone attached in or on the binder.

    Also, I am a multiple binder user. I have different binders with different inside pocket configurations based on that binder's use. I would also like to have the choice of a binder with no fittings inside. Just a high quality leather binder - plain and simple - no card slots or anything else inside.

    Also, i would like to see in some binders a place inside made specifically to hold 3x5 cards.

    Regarding catalogues and websites, I would like to be able to se the offerings from all countries and an easy ability to acquire them.

    But most of all i would like to see better info in the catalogues and on the websites. The most expensive personal binder, the alligator, does not show the binder interior!!! Online and in print, the interior should always be shown, not just described. And in the catalogues show each binder color. The catalogue presently shows binders in very artsy pictures, but all binder leather colors are,not shown. That doesn't make sense. Also, measurements for each binder should be shown -they are not all the same.

    Have they met us? Do they know their audience? Does it occur to filofax that people who are so particular about how they use the filofax products are all about details. If they want our business they need to supply the details necessary for us to make purchases.

    *rant over*

    Thank you for a place to share these frustrations. I am a long time lurker and love philofaxy!

  23. I agree about some coloured page dividers/today rulers. Franklin Covey do some really nice looking ones (wide, transparent and in a range of colours in a pack) which seem to be on permanent "pre-order" status on their European website, sigh.

  24. My old filofax is a portland personal and as nice as the malden and finchley are, the portland leather quality beats them both.

    They need to go back to their earlier quality. My old filofax is all leather except for areas like inside pockets where there is a logo fabric.

    And that filofax also has a gusseted zippered pocket. A lot of current filofaxes have pockets but do any of them have gussets anymore?

    The zippers are nice for storage but not being able to really have a good opening is a problem, filofax used to address that by gusseting one side... They were so much more usable.

    As to the paper, I would be much happier if it was sturdier and I had more options.

  25. i agree with Tracy. I have a Portland too, and the leather quality seems a lot better than the current models and the gussetted pocket is great. The whole layout of the Portland seems well thought-out as an 'everything filofax' which combines wallet and organiser. If it only had 30mm rings...
    I think filofax quality has deteriorated and I wonder if they are in danger of losing their brand status. Lots of people on here think the paper and range of inserts are rubbish. I agree with Laurie, too, they should stop putting everything into 'here today, gone tomorrow' binders and make sure that their core stock is better quality.
    Like The Merry Lemon (great name btw!) I think that the information in catalogues and online is poor at times.

    So, my wishlist:
    Good quality, well-thought out binders, with a variety of strong colours like Racing Green, navy, blood-red, more purples like the Finchley, as well as (instead of?) all the others. These would be more unisex (but that's maybe just my feeling...?)
    Secondly, to be able to buy all of the range from any filofax site - binders, inserts, everything. In this modern world it is laughable that you can't!
    Decent paper that is fountain-pen friendly.
    Well-designed inserts. Filofax only need to read this site to know what to provide!

    Okay - that'll do.

  26. We're too late now for 2012, as orders will have been placed with Chinese manufacturers months ago. They work on long lead times for production.

    I agree with Laurie about function over fashion. For too long, Filofax has (I feel) spent too much effort on designing haute-couture products (such as the Adelphi) which just do not sell, despite all the hype.

    Whilst a few devotees will want to return to 1980's style fat binder rings, I think the majority of new users would prefer to see much slimmer rings. With most of our information on laptops and smart phones, many of us only need to carry a few pages (year planner, project notes etc) in paper form, coupled with a space for a few business and credit cards and slots for receipts etc. Too many Filofax binders follow the same funtionality. More variety in internal layout, to suit left-handers, for example, would be a step forward.

    Sorry Steve, but as a Flex user, I find them very "plasticky" and not projecting a professional image at all. I'm sure leather Flex binders will definitely come in 2012 - preferably with a small binder ring fixed to a slot in card (like the pen holder) option for carrying a few essential punched pages.

  27. I totally agree with Laurie! I myself would rather have a plain, durable leather binder with good quality inserts and more to choose from.

  28. I agree with all of the comments about paper quality etc.,

    As regards binders etc.,. I'd frankly like to see a return to a few more 'masculine' products, particularly a slimline A5.

    A return, even if it were a limited edition, to a Balmoral with an inbuilt jotter and high capacity rings. I once saw one of these described as a 'portable office' and for many of us there is still that need. I'm sure there would be a market for these, such as this one:


    Maybe a bespoke printing service - at a sensible price - for one's own layouts and designs. Questionable whether that might be profitable, given the high quality of modern printers, but much as I love sitting down sometimes and cutting out my own pages etc., there are times when the convenience of being able to mail something to a printing service and have nice cleanly cut crisp inserts returned would be fantastic.

    Best Wishes

  29. I absolutely agree with Laurie, better paper quality ( yes, yes, yes: acid-free and archival!!) and binders designed for longer use than one seasaon would be preferable and I agree, too, with Scoot that one could design more binders in the high quality range from non-leather material ( although I love high quality leather). Also, a better selection of diary formats is desirable because that is the main advantage of a Filofax over a bound planner: to be able to choose and to change your personal layout. And beside a slimline A5 I would love to see a bigger choice of Mini ;-)

  30. I hate to add to this, but it seems a really big subject matter. You'd think as proud as "Letts" is, they'd realize just who their clients really are (as someone else said).
    As most of us do, watch a sale on eBay for a "Winchester" Filofax. They go for "huge" dollars! Why? Because they have larger rings, and are made of "top quality" leather, AND are very basic. Unfortunately, until someone at Letts actually gets the idea that a lot of us are unhappy, (and moving away from Filofax, looking for other brands) nothing will ever happen that will satisfy us completely. Especially me.

  31. Sari and Greg, you've hit the nail on the head. One of the main purposes of a ring binder is to be able to use it for more than one year. And let's face it, even the non-leather binders are expensive compared to their bound-book counterparts. If I'm going to use a book for only one year or less, I'd prefer to spend less than $50 on it!

    If Filofax/ Letts wants to do fashion, that's fine, but please keep a core selection of high quality leather binders in classic styles.

  32. I would like a line of A5 Slimline organizers with high quality leather covers that are really thin and not bulky or puffy so they will fit easily inside a purse.

    I would like A5 inserts in cotton cream.

    I would like to see all the Today markers be clear plastic instead of black so you can see through them easily.

    I would like to see better paper quality for the white paper.

    So many of the Personal sizes (other than the Malden) do not have a horizontal pocket inside the back cover where you can put a notepad. I'd like to see this fixed.

    The Merry Lemon is right about how organizers are displayed on the on the FF websites. Sometimes I see an organizer listing measurements, and sometimes not. Sometimes I see ring sizes and sometimes not, sometimes there is no photo of the inside of the binder. They need to better standardize their descriptions and err on the side of more detail rather than less.

    Most of all, I would like to see Filofax designers and executives become active participants on this site and actually be responsive to their customers' wishes!

  33. I'd like to see a US size
    (8 1/2 x 11) binder and also
    the Time Management diary inserts in a personal size

  34. I'd go gooey eyed and would fall in love with a Crimson A5 Malden still with the big ring size and with bespoke cream paper diaries and inserts. Sigh!!!! Wonder if the top management at Filofax read our blog?? Would love to know!!

  35. I'd like to be able to buy more of the stickers I use most of without having to buy another pack that contains all of the different stickers.

    For example I use a lot of the medical/date/ stickers but none of the car service ones so I end up with loads of car service ones left over but run out of my most used ones!

  36. I would also love to see more classic and simplified binders with an open pocket for notes etc on the left side and one for a notepad at the back - that's really all I need. But in a range of colours so there is something for everyone, dark and professional, bright and cheerful, light and subtle. And a no nonsense binder could easily be made more fashionable by adding accessories; coloured and patterned dividers and rulers, plus more optionals like stickers, page markers and different paler colours of note paper. Even a packet of transparent dividers where people could add their own photos, quotations or plain coloured paper would be good!

  37. I agree with everything in regards to paper quality and more options for layouts. Personally, I'd like to see something more along the lines of Franklin Covey dpp layout, with space for appointments, to-dos and notes. I'd also like to see monthly tabs and overviews that can be interfiled with the daily/weekly inserts, and I know this has been a gripe for a long time.

    At the first NYC meet up, questions were brought to the NYC rep (Justenoughsalt was able to meet with the rep prior to our meet up and came back with his answers). I had asked about improvements for diary pages, and if I remember correctly, at the time the answer was that there were no plans for inserts, and in fact they were thinking of discontinuing many of them. (But how can you sell binders if there are no inserts to go with them?) I don't know if that was just a US thing or a Filofax company thing. I guess we'll find out...

  38. 1-1/4" rings on more of the A5 binders, not just the Finsbury. Anything smaller doesn't hold a full year of DPP plus the A-Z tabs, let alone any other tabs.

    DPP Personal in Cotton Cream. More Cotton Cream in general.

    Storage binders with rings, not posts.

    Monthly calendars with tabs!!

    A5 notebooks with removable, hole-punched pages.


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