15 January 2012

UK vs French paper catalogues

I realise that the paper catalogues have been out for several months now. But it was only last month during the meet up in Poitiers that I managed to pick up a French edition of the 2011/12 catalogue.

At first I thought they would be the same, just in French, but no they have some slightly different products, which we more or less know from looking on the website. However, in the catalogue although they have used the same photos etc they have ordered them differently.  In some cases different colours are available compared to UK, but again this is obvious from the website. The other oddity was that the French catalogue doesn't include prices on the pages, were as the UK one does.

I think the few extra pages in the UK catalogue (78 pages vs 72 pages) can be accounted for by differences in stock that is available in both countries.

In terms of organisers. The UK has the 2012 Olympic range, France still have the Sketch, which I think was discontinued in UK recently. France also has the Luxe and the Dakota. Overall UK carries 5 more designs than France. Although in website terms I suspect there is more of a difference, the Deco doesn't appear in either catalogue! So it must be on it's last year I would think.

Reading both catalogues side by side can be a bit mind boggling! It makes you wonder what we are likely to see next year.

Although the Flex isn't mentioned in the paper catalogue. Looking on the Filofax French website, for 2012 they have introduced a slightly different format Week on Two Page diary insert for the Flex, with appointment times and horizontal lining.!  So we are also going to be faced with differences in those product ranges as well as normal Filofax products...

I think I need a rest!


  1. The personal deco isn't even on the website anymore. It sold out when on offer for half price, and said email when in stock, but then vanished.

  2. The German Filofax catalogue has Sketch, Luxe and Dakota, too - and a Domino in Orange; but no pics of Bond, Kendal or Finchley.
    Songbird, Heart or London 2012 (Olympic range) aren't available in Germany.

    No prices included in the German catalogue either.

  3. Given that currencies are fluctuating wildly, at least one may not last long, I would have been surprised if they could confidently price their own materials or finished goods. Many companies are already into 1970's mode, though the websites will allow the prices of finished goods to be set at will.

    The differences design and quantity of faxes listed in different countries, especially in this supposed single market of a political Europe, are interesting. At least with websites there is the option to buy anything you want.

  4. I find the different offering on the different country website really frustrating! Particularly with EU, you would have thought it would be cheaper for them to have it all the same!

  5. I'm baffled by it all. Why it isn't the same, why you can't get the same thing all over and why the shipping is a bit nutty... And I don't understand why the paper is so cheesy. That baffles me the most