28 January 2012

Filofax 2012 New Range - Part One

Special agent Nina has been at Frankfurt today going around Paperworld 2012. You can read her full report on her blog... but I thought I would share with you some pictures from her 'concealed camera'

So first up is the 'Petal' it will be in Pocket size only and will retail for about £15.

And those of you who will recall the discussions and posts we had about a Union Jack Filofax a few months ago, will be forgiven when you suggest that the idea has been taken and used by Filofax when you see this one... the 'Jack Vintage'.

It will be available in Pocket and Personal size for £17-20.

This next one is the Domino Mix again in Pocket and Personal sizes only it has textured exterior surface. It will sell for between £21 and 24.

The Swift is the replacement for the Songbird, and it is fabric covered and comes in Pocket and Personal sizes with a price of between £28 and £34

That's the news for today... more coming up tomorrow hopefully....


  1. Wow!!!!!! I love the union jack one!!!!

  2. Lovely mix thus far--thanks!

  3. Lovely!!! Maybe we will hear news of new inserts too... (or maybe that's wishful thinking) :o)

  4. I think I'll get the Union Jack one!

  5. @Icclewu @sweetspot I agree I think the Union Jack one is lush

  6. Filofax? New inserts? LJ, that's *definitely* wishful thinking....

  7. I thought the Petal looked familiar or too samey. Here is why.


  8. I really like the Petal - and thankfully they bring it in my loved Pocket size... :-)

  9. I am DEFINITELY getting that Union Jack one!!! Good thing it's in the lower price range!


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