28 January 2012

Web Finds - 28 January 2012

Another busy week for me, but I still had time to dig out these posts for your enjoyment.


  1. as usual steve a lovely selection of posts, gotta beat reading dull facebook updates when i get time to myself x

  2. I was watching Lima Neeson's new movie "The Grey", until I remembered it was Saturday, Liam was put on pause until to got through those posts. Thanks.

  3. @Steve - That was a really interesting link! And 'passion' so true.

  4. @steve

    please add the paperworld news ;)


  5. I thought the first 'Kodak/brand' article interesting. From my perspective she just doesn't get Filofax at all and I found many of her comments odd. Also the idea of linking filofax and an app has already been done to great effect by Day-Timer so I am not sure if there is a market there.

    If she has got Filofax right and I have got it wrong, then I fear for the future of filofax/inserts and the whole planning brigade going forward.

    Still it is all an interesting read as usual! Managed to deflect me from what I should be doing for a while!!

  6. I also think she was wrong, so out of touch with reality. Even if the Filofax brand did end, and considering their market and recognition I don’t see that, organisers wouldn’t end because they are in common use and still in high demand throughout the world.

    A leather Filofax with space for a device holder, for the likes of a smart phone or calculator etc, at the front wouldn’t go amiss from the current range. They would have to make different sized device holders because unlike Filofaxes, each smart phones is a fashionable item with some designed with a very limited life span.

  7. @Scoot.. spot on with your observation of the lifetime of the devices. Every time I tried to go 'digital', it was either of 1) the life of the device itself - none lasted more than 6 to 8 months 2) the non-standardness of the more sophisticated applications against the simple and feature crippled default applications of the devices that killed it. (Nothing to say about the taboo & inability of using one in a meeting to take notes).. and finally 3) battery life!
    Filofax (or any paper based organisers) do NOT have any of those disadvantages and are actually a joy to use!

    The best I had ever had in digital was a windows tablet pc (small but heavvy and lasted about 4 hours heavy writing use) but the writing feel was so bad when I came back to filofax / paper / fountain pen, I almost wept.. And I am not alone!

  8. A little web find of my own here . . . just spotted this on eBay. All I can say is, WOW!!!


  9. That is a unique fax, perhaps suitable for Fred Flintstone or a Yak herder.

  10. I too was disturbed by the Kodak/ branding article. It seems she has no knowledge or experience of the brand beyond very recently, and to someone just jumping into Filofax with no previous knowledge it would be easy to think they are only about fashion (since that is their current marketing strategy). I have complained before about Filofax's current marketing strategy of relying on fashion, which is fickle and I hope they have a backup strategy. The one thing I do agree with in this article is that relying on fashion as your main customer base seems unsustainable. But I think the author is very wrong when she says paper diaries are irrelevant today and have no future. I think the opposite. I think when people realize that they have no permanent record from their e-device they'll go back to paper for this. Also, a marketing strategy that both Filofax and Moleskine use is that we spend so much time each day looking at screens, it's nice (even soothing) to write things on paper instead. And personally, I rely on paper diaries because I can't tolerate the thing not switching on, suddenly losing my information, or running out of battery power on the go. I open my book, I write on the paper, and I know when I go to look at it next time it will be right there where I wrote it!

  11. Laurie
    I'm hoping to speak to the author of that article, she got in touch with me yesterday. We hope to link up via Skype sometime during the week.

    Hopefully I will be able to enlighten her about our views on Filofax!


  12. Recently, when looking at the LeFax catalogue Steve posted, I revisited the excellent article of Filofax Chronology by Kevin Hall which outlined the current Filofax strategy. Unfortunately, for some of us, they seem to be continuing with that strategy of focussing on fashionable binders.



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