25 January 2012

Musing for a Wednesday....

To say I'm short of ideas today would be a little bit of an understatement... ok let me get the excuses out of the way. I've been busy with a few non-Philofaxy projects, some of them payment type projects some pro-bono ones, as usual, more of the later than the former... but that's life!

In terms of Filofax news we are in a little bit of a lull awaiting announcements which will start to appear in the public domain from about the end of the month and then hopefully through February. Filofax are at a trade show in Frankfurt next week, so most of their 2012 range will be on display there I would think.

You will have seen the 'Temperley Teaser' which I've seen reported else where as being priced £379 and £399, there are two sizes and two designs we do know that... and the 'inflated' price is mainly because it's a 'limited edition'

But it got me chuckling when I saw our popular posts list in the side bar. There was my post from last week on Filofax News, sat next to the other post about dividers...  You won't be seeing old chocolate box dividers in your Temperley Special Filofax now will you!!! How much am I bid for these colourful chocolate boxes...

I don't wish to comment until I have seen an actual example of these organisers before I make a firm comment on 'are they worth it' However, I've received some 'material samples' for both of the models, and I think they will be quite stylish, but I'm not sure how robust in everyday use they will be. Time will tell.

I would also like to publicly thank you for being such good sports about the part 1 to last weeks News story, I was in stitches of laughter when I saw some of the comments and the barbs throw at me at the time for leaving you all hanging at the end of 'story'. I had given my brief outline to my dear wife Alison to enhance it a bit and suddenly the idea came in to my head of not saying anything about the news! Yes it was cruel... but funny when you think back... and yes I know I won't be able to pull that stunt for a while!

The other thing I'm trying to sort out at the moment is a date for the next meet up in London, this is just a case of finding time in my schedule sometime in the Spring. So look out for announcements soon I hope.

As usual any Guest Posts are welcome... please send them in to philofaxy at gmail dot com  Our popular series of posts of Readers Under The Spotlight is also open for new interviewees, email us if you would like to go under the spotlight.


  1. Reading this post about the Temperley fabric and pictures, also the links to the previous posts about various fax models, it is interesting to think which models are peoples favourite and will reamin so in years to come . It is nice to think that the classic will remain, though with some added colours, though I hope they can produce a fix for the problem of staying open.

    Any chance of a poll to check peoples favourite model?

    My choices would be Classic which is current, Soho which was late 1990's, Kensington which was late 1990', Westminster which was I think mid 1990's, Cuban which is current.

  2. Out of the ones I have handled (sadly not a winchester yet), my favourite ones are Malden and holborn.
    But out of the owned ones it will be Kensington and Scanda. Liked the Bromley leather but only had a pocket and sold it as did not use it much. Looking forward to the delivery of a Guildford A5 and it might change the order but not too sure..
    Love my Graphic A5 for places where the leather A5s cannot go and it is real tough and durable..
    If only one model has to be chosen (in case of poll) it would be very difficult.. Probably scanda personal will win it for me I think.

  3. Having said that, have two cross (personal and A5) organisers which are similar to winchesters in one aspect. There is a leather strip which comes in between the rings and the covers which protects the cover from receiving impressions /pressure marks of the rings over a long period of use. And both of them have been with me for few years and they really stand out in use though don't look particularly attractive or impressive..

  4. I've never been a huge fan of the classic, although I have an A4 and an A4 folio in that design - I find them very rigid (good for the folio though is I have to lead on it to write in meetings etc).

    My favourites for touch have always been the Finchleys. So smooth and tactile. I also currently have a Deskfax 'Richmond' which also a lovely leather - I'm not sure if they did a Richmond in other sizes but that too is nice to handle (although not as nice as the Finchley!).

    My favorite A5 is the Amazona in black as it is patent leather and very 'glamorous'. I recently bought one in personal size and have to admit to being disappointed with it. I have a cream/white Panama which feels much nicer and I am now reluctant to move into the personal amazona. I really wish I'd bought a personal finchley instead.

    I was also a fan of the Adelphi - it felt good and also reminded me of Chanel bags with the sort of cross hatching on it.

    I think a lot of the older binders were a lot more 'tactile' which is probably why they are still so popular.