21 January 2012

Web Finds 21 January 2012

So another week passes by, but still a great number of excellent posts for you to read and enjoy. I can't think of a suitable excuse today... so just grab a tea, a coffee, a wine or a beer, put your feet up and enjoy!

Please note: Google have recently made a change to Blogger/Blogspot blogs. They have introduced a new type of comment set up.

You will recognise the new set up if you see 'Reply' below each comment. It's a nice idea... except if someone links to your post, like we do above, for some reason the link takes you straight to the comments and not the top of the post. 

If your Blogger/Blogspot blog is behaving like this, go in to the Dashboard, then 'Settings', then click on comments 'Comments' and change 'Comment Form Placement' to 'Full Page' rather than 'Embedded below post' and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on  Save Settings.

That should cure the problem until Google fix the issue.


  1. Thanks for another great selection, lovely start to my day while the boys were watching The Nightmare Before Christmas :o)

    The link to My Life All in One Place seems to be diverting to Flicker...

  2. Yes, the monthly planner link should take you here: http://mylifeallinoneplace.blogspot.com/2012/01/download-monthly-planner-for-your.html

  3. Hi
    Sorry about that, my mistake.

    As you can see these posts are not automated in any way!


  4. Sigh of contentment. Now to start the day. Thanks, Steve.

  5. Thanks for those. I only got so far through and have to go out, but …

    1. In terms of adding a notebook to a fax, overall I see the idea of a heavy fold out being more of a problem than a benefit. I think it will break, come out/off in handling, but the idea has great merit for options for less bulky items.

    But then doesn’t that fold out idea lead onto Flex? Perhaps Filofax could create a one off/test Fax with open sides like a flex and the option to slip different Flex inserts into the side? Would it be a Flex with rings or a Filofax with flex sides? How about calling it Felix? If Filofax are reading this, please do it, let us have a look? Call it online product development.

    2. One blog post covered the idea of using cellotape along the side to reinforce the holes, but on the front. Could I suggest that it is nicer/neater to use clear tape on the back of a fax insert, so it can’t be seen, and that if it is to go on the front then spice it up using any of the jazzy/super multi-coloured tapes now available in stationery/gift stores.

    3. LJ, try resisting Moleskins a little more. Filofax Italy and Sweden have a great choice of faxes on sale.

  6. Scoot, hi.

    Your paragraph 2 of your item 1 is brilliant. I'm going to hack your idea, if I may.

  7. I think A5 rings on an A5 flex cover will be more practical, and cheaper. I thought about ripping the threads on an unused A5 Kent but it just doesn't have the side folders that come with a flex and which are required to hold booklets.

    (For some reason I'm having trouble posting comments on this blog, after the word verification I have to press "publish" rather than "preview" to have my words listed.)

  8. Scoot - some of the current range seem to already have flex style pockets, such as the Holborn, which is described as having "left and right hand full length pockets" on both back and front covers.

  9. Thanks for that reference. I haven't held a Holborn but looking at the picture it looks as though you are correct. Such a pocket would allow a notebook or other item to be slipped in and yet remain secure. I will have to investigate the real thing, also think of the ways I could use it.

  10. OHMYGOSH I love these posts! :D I'm going to save it for later, as a treat. I have to go grocery shopping :o(

  11. @rori, we finished our weekly grocery shopping; now the reward, Web Finds!

  12. I have held a Holborn in the shop and it does have open full length pockets front and back that seem like they should hold a Flex booklet, assuming they are the correct size. Also I wonder if a Pocket Moleskine cahier or volant booklet would fit in there.

    And by the way the Holborn is gorgeous. It is buffalo leather, but more dressed-up looking than the Malden.

  13. Thank you for featuring my post and for giving me a whole load more to go and read :)