19 March 2012

Mid-West US Meet Up

Well, after much deliberation J and Skhen would like to invite you to a Philofaxy Meet Up on Saturday, June 23, in Chicago, Illinois. We know it's a ways off, but we wanted to give as many interested Philofaxers time to plan ahead.

We're still finalizing the details but are considering meeting in Oak Park, IL--a suburb just west of the city--as there is a Filofax retailer, a Papersource shop, a book store, and a multitude of coffee and food options all close in proximity. In additon, public transportation and/or reasonable parking options are available.

That being said, we hope you can make it! Please rsvp to J and Skhen, and more details will be posted/sent out as we have them. If you know any others that might be interested in coming along please let us know.

And. finally, please let us know the kid situation. I know I want to leave my monkeys at home, but your kids are welcome to come along if need be.

If you want to know more about the details of this meet up, please initially contact philofaxy[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. FYI..Paper Source in Oak Park does not carry FiloFax products. I just called to check and the sales person confirmed they do not.

    1. But Fitzgerald's Stationery does...and they will order in Filofax binders per our request just so we can look at them! Yes, I am happy about that!

    2. We just added Paper Source for those stationery nerds amongst us! Myself included... I could go broke in that store!

  2. There is a great paper source store in the city in the Southport neighborhood. Very kid-friendly and a gorgeous part of Chicago. But either way, I will be there! I'm new to the philofaxy communitey :)

  3. I seriously thought about finagling a way to join. But sadly, I have to work that Saturday, plus that's the start of a busy week for me. Boo! But one day I'll make it to Chicago and we will have a meet up then! =)

  4. Stumbled upon Philofaxy last fall. Avid fan ever since. Looking forward to Mid-West Meet Up. Chicago is a great place! //*_*\\