20 February 2014

Charger not required

I finally treated myself to a shiny Apple MacBook Pro last year after wanting a Mac for quite some time, and I love using it in conjunction with my Filofaxes. However, the charger has recently developed some kind of fault and stopped working. At that point, I grumbled at myself as there was only 50% left of battery power, but luckily we discovered that my husband has one from a previous machine until I manage to get to a store. With all the storms and flooding, some people have been without power and I suppose it's made me think about how reliant we are on regular access to electricity.

I love how my binders don't need charging, and are always ready as long as I have a writing implement and some paper!


  1. I see what you mean by "appropriate" lol

  2. Great cartoon to go with the post haha.

  3. Hi Anita, this is one of the things I too love about paper and pen/pencil, the other being that I've had too many devices duplicate/triplicate/delete/corrupt my data (including 30,000 emails in a Mozilla database) to really ever trust tech. Access to my stuff is quicker using paper as well, and I don't have to force my brain to work within the tramlines of what the tech will allow........

    1. Yes! It IS faster and I get so annoyed with people who tell me that I should really use a smartphone. I have a smartphone. I use it all the time. It is a communication device. My planner is for planning.

    2. Josh, I can very much relate to your experience. I do meantime use my third smartphone and based on the many time consuming issues with these eltronical gadgets have developed an even deeper bond with my paper planners (the majority ff branded).

    3. Sylke I couldn't agree more - using gadgetry only makes me appreciate paper the more!

      My next 'smart' phone will be good for making and receiving calls and SMS. That's all.

    4. Josh,

      I agree so much. All my friends always frown upon me because I take out my filofax while the rest of them tap away on their phones. I have a smart phone too and I use it as a communication device as well. Paper and pen for me are just so much easier.

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