10 February 2014

Dallas Meet Up - 2 February

It was a cold Super Bowl Sunday with ice keeping more than 3/4 of our original attendees from being able to attend the first ever Dallas Philofaxy Meet Up at Paradise Pen Company in the swanky Dallas Galleria Mall.

Yet, Choice, manager of Paradise Pen Company in the Dallas Galleria, and his excellent staff (Kelly, Lisa, Michael, and Jane) welcomed us as if we'd been a cast of thousands. Trust me, Choice is your number one choice to get anything Filofax related.

They gifted each of us with a wonderful Paradise Pen bag with a pack of note cards and...a mini Original Keychain!

We got a glimpse of many styles--Calypso, Charleston, and Holborn--in the store, along with getting to ogle a display of inserts. If anyone is looking for Deskfax items at ridiculously low prices, call Choice! Plus, we got to see TWO Maldens. Lola brought her ochre and Hannah brought her purple. Whoo-hoo!

Left to Right: Jane (mini brown Kendal), Hannah (personal purple Malden), Alondra (personal ochre Malden), Brigitte from her blog at www.miffed67.com (A5 red domino)

Not only did we have a fabulous time talking Filofaxes, the wonderful staff allowed us to try out pens, feel luxurious leather items, and kindly listen to us do what we do best--show off our Filofaxes and ring bound planners! Plus, everyone loved their official Philofaxy cards from Steve. Thanks, Mr. Morton!

Top Row, Left to Right: Michael (PPC), Hannah, Alondra, Bridgette, Jane (PPC) and Choice (PPC Manager). Front Row, Left to Right: Jane, Kelly (PPC), and Lisa (PPC).
And what Meet Up would be complete without a stack? Well, we Texans created a horizontal stack of our Filofax Personal Organizers. When 50% of this group of Philofaxy Fans are librarians, that's the way we roll.

If you were one of the lovelies who couldn't make it because of the weather, please watch here as we're doing another Meet Up at some point this spring. More information coming soon!

A great big thanks to Paradise Pen Company, 13350 Dallas Parkway, Suite 2435, Dallas, TX 75240. You can call them at (972) 991-4110 or send an email to store28@paradisepen.com if you have any questions.

Thank you Jane for your post about the meet up. 


  1. As a fellow Texan, I wanted so much to be able to add my Filo to the stack-
    But the weather took care of that!
    Come rain, snow or sleet--I will be at the next meet up!

  2. The team at Paradise Pen had such a great time meeting Jane, Hannah, Alondra, and Brigitte and hearing all their wonderful Filofax tales. What a great group of ladies with so much personality! We can't wait to have you back with us!

  3. Does this group still exist? How may I join? etafwayne@yahoo.com

    1. I'm not sure, this was 2014! I will try and find my original contact person for the group that met there.