13 February 2014

Philofaxy Promotions Gifts

The other day I received a very nice gift in the post from Kent from Oz. I shared the photograph on Facebook and a few people said they would love a pen or mug.

When I looked in to the prices of getting some of these made so you could order them, it made no sense for me to order them to then sell, this is mainly because you would be paying for the postage twice... to me and then postage to you.

So instead I'm making the image files available so you can order these locally in your own country which will reduce the cost of shipping considerably.

So I've adjusted the images to suit the different products available from Vista Print.

Wraparound Mug



Mouse Mat this one has to have the border as it's a very different shape.

Key Chain

To use these images for which ever product you need to click on the following links and save them to your computer, right click and save target as, or right click download file depending on which internet browser you are using.

Then go to Vista Print and up load the image and purchase the product you want.
If you have any questions then please pop them in the comments or email me at philofaxy at gmail dot com 

Please respect the copy write holders rights by not using these images for anything other than purchasing products from Vista Print... Please do not put them on other social media networks or sites like Pinterest. Thank you.  


  1. Good man! And very sensible to do it this way. Have a good Thursday!

  2. Thanks for this, Steve. I've bought from Vistaprint before and I know they're good, I can see a phILOFAXY pen, mousemat and mug in my near future.