26 February 2014

Van der Spek Luxury Leather Organisers

Today I would like to introduce to another brand of ring bound organisers, they came to my attention a few weeks ago. They are Van der Spek

Van der Spek in Holland have been producing leather goods for over 85 years and their range of products has expanded over the years to include organisers.

They make quite a wide range of sizes and ring spacing alternatives too, and I think you will agree with me that the prices are quite affordable too. For full details on prices and availability you will need to contact Petra at Van der Spek by email: info@vdslederwaren.nl

There is also an excellent buying guide here

Their organisers come in an almost exhaustive selection of leather finishes for the exterior and the interior as well. The exterior leather is available in croc finish, ostrich finishes, pebbled leather etc and a variety of colours too and on some models you can have a mix of colours with different exterior and interior colour customised for each customer.

Here is a small sample of their organisers and the finishes and colours available.

The components of A5 organisers ready for assembly this week.

They come in the following ring sizes:
  • 15mm Mini - not the same as Filofax Mini although it does have 5 rings
  • 16mm Junior - Similar paper size to Filofax Pocket and it uses the same ring spacing
  • 20mm Senior - A6 paper size and the same ring spacing as Mulberry Agendas
  • 25mm Standard - Filofax Personal size and the same ring spacing as Filofax personal size
  • 25mm Manager A5 - This same ring spacing as Filofax A5 size, and they term the ring size as 'compact' 
  • 35mm Manager A5 - The same ring spacing  as Filofax A5 size but with huge rings! 
So I've been taking a interest in this brand myself and have tracked down the following reviews which might be worth looking at as well.
I hope to do a full blow Philofaxy review in the near future. In the mean time go and take a look at their website.

Further Information.

Web Site: http://www.vdsshop.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VDSleathergoods
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanderspekorganiserfans/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vdsshop/


  1. I am very excited about receiving my A5 TouchMe! :)

    For the price range, we're getting exceptional quality, amazing range and Petra is lovely. So helpful!

  2. I ordered one about a week ago and have not been so excited about a binder purchase in a very long time. Lots of people seem to be going gaga over the color choices and two-tone possibilities, but for me it was the design and construction details of the binder which really struck a chord. Looking forward to receiving it sometime soon!

  3. LOL Josh can I say I did what you did AND went gaga? I couldn't resist, had to order two!

  4. I am absolutely loving mine!

  5. If they started producing a Duplex, I would buy one at once.

  6. I've had mine almost a month and am very pleased with it. Great binder, exceptional customer service!

  7. Does anyone know if they do something similar to the filofax compact size (personal size binder but with 15 mm rings)?

    1. Yes, I believe that they can install a smaller ring mechanism in the binder; however, I'm not sure if the overall size of the leather covers changes; I'd email them to inquire.

    2. petra has informed me that they can use a 13mm ring mechanism with their "standard" customizable planner, but that is the only model they can use the small rings with.

  8. Anytime I hear the word "Luxury" I think of this song

  9. These are gorgeous, I will have to go visit them!

  10. eeek, i am so excited to get mine

  11. Waiting on my first to arrive, a standard Touch Me in brown leather. Have an invoice from Petra to pay today for an A5 in Ostrich on the outside. I think I may change the inside colour now I've seen the one above! Much more affordable so I am curious to see the quality.