17 February 2014

Filofax Leather A5 Flex note book cover.

I got a leather Slim Flex last year and sort of hankered after the A5 version for a while after that. I spotted some A5's in the sales in January, so I ordered one straight away. There was a slight delay in receiving it because I had to get it delivered to my son's office address in UK, but I wasn't disappointed when it finally arrived here in France

The leather is very similar to the Slim Flex, soft with a slight pebbled surface.

As you can see it has a different pocket arrangement to the Slim model, but is also has a side opening expanding pocket which can take an iPhone or similar smart phone. I've not really used the other card pockets in the A5 yet, but they would take quite a few business cards or even a Field Notes note book

I happen to have a Moleskine notebook which I've added to it. I use the Flex for when I go to my French classes once a week with a notebook for my French vocabulary and the other one for general notes it works well. Also all the hand outs are on A4 paper, folded in half they tuck in to one of the pockets easily and it is also nice and compact too.

The leather Flex is also available in other colours as well now, see the Filofax site for details. I noticed that there is now blue, red and orange as well as black

Chrissie recently bought the natural leather cover which also looks very nice. Take a look at her review here.

I'm really pleased with these two, very adaptable, and I've been discovering other notebooks that will fit them as well, so I don't have the expense of having to order from Filofax and paying the shipping each time.

I didn't think I would be able to adapt to using a notebook, but dedicating a book to a particular task does seem to work for me.


  1. The Flex is an under-rated but very useful cover. The A5 is great because it's true A5 - unlike Moleskine and Midori. By coincidence, Laurie's Plannerisms blog today features an A5 day/week/month planner from Japan that should fit in an A5 Flex. It's disappointing that Filofax never expanded their range of Flex inserts, despite promises.

    Beware the iPhone gusseted pocket. Most folk I know have a cover for their phone and any cover makes it difficult to fit in a Flex pocket. Other phones such as Blackberry and Samsung will struggle too. The First Edition Flex (still available) had a better pocket layout (IMHO).

  2. Would the Flex work as a case/cover for a Kindle Fire? It might be nice to have the additional pockets.

    1. What size is it in mm height, width, depth and I will try and work out if it will fit for you.

  3. Ooh, love the colored Nappa leather options - I see them for Slim, but not A5. I wonder if they are a hint of the Nappa leather ring binders coming later this year? Of course, none of this is on the US site. Still kicking myself I didn't get one of the lizard A5 covers when FFUSA had them on clearance.

  4. The A5 Nappa Leather Flex has only been produced so far in black. There is also a Vegetable Tan leather model - both introduced in Summer 2012 and both still currently listed on Filofax UK. The Slim models came out in a variety of new colours late last year and are expected to be produced in A5 and Pocket size too. The other leather A5 is the Lizard Print produced in black, blackcurrant and ruby red and again launched in 2012. There are of course plastic A5 Flex modes too - Smooth and the original (2011) First Edition.