14 November 2011

I lost my Filofax........

A heart stopping moment for anyone wouldn't you agree? But it's a statement I've seen very often on Twitter.

However, Filofax offer a simple personal organiser registration scheme, you register your name and address and contact details on their website. Then you are given a unique number, you write this number on the form in the diary insert (see below) and if found the person rings one of the numbers on the form and they are given details about where to send the organiser and they get sent a Freepost envelope. In return they receive a free gift.

If you aren't using a Filofax diary refill, why not print out the forms below and put them in the front of your Filofax...

Now after reading this you will go and register won't you...... now.... please...

And before you ask... no I haven't lost any of my Filofax organisers... that was just to grab your attention....


  1. Yes, registering your Filo--or at the very least filling in the Personal Information form--cannot be stressed enough. I once left my Filo when I was on a backpacking trip to Europe. It had my itinerary and all sorts of info, my passport, some money and key, but I was more concerned about the fact that the Filo was my da's and it still had some calendar pages from the last year of his life. Luckily, I left it at Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente in Napoli, and one of the waiters, Giovanni found it. He was kind enough to read through my Filo to find where I was staying. He went to my hotel, waited for me for like two hours and handed me my Filo when he saw me walk in, all panickd and teary. Giovanni said he also used the same Filo design (Classic), and that when he saw my dad's funeral service program, he said he felt the urge to give me the Filo in person to suggest that I should go to his hometown in Sicily...where there'll be a concert feauturing 'O Sole Mio' (da's favourite and the theme of his service). So, yeah...That's my story of a lost Filo, which strengthened my belief in the kindness of strangers ;)

  2. Is the free gift an APEX by any chance???????? ;)

  3. NZ post had beautiful add in this matter....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hnomj-pGHc&feature=related

    Sorry if it was mentioned here before, as I can't remember how I found this video.

  4. I was just adding new addresses into Outlook for a couple of business contacts and couldn't help wondering if I should start to keep a copy of my quite chunky contacts list offline. You can loose something electronically just as easily as a physical filofax. I do back up everything online but I do wonder. I don't want to carry it all around with me, but I could keep it in a filo at home.

    I'm off to register mine now as I haven't - so thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

  5. unche-0: beautiful story. i lost my sketchbook while travelling europe - i'm pretty sure i left it on top of a payphone in france somewhere on the way to england...or maybe it was the other way around... at any rate, i wasn't as lucky as you. i used to carry a sketchbook in my hand with me at all times and that incident sort of changed it for me. although if i were able to talk to my young 19- year old self as a young 42 year old, i would say, DUDE haven't you ever heard of a bag? crossbody perhaps? cha!

  6. I used to register them when I first started using them back in the 90s showing my age but I stopped after a while. Since I am expecting 2 new ones: The Chameleon Personal and the A5 Finsbury I will register them. I wanted the Osterly but I just could not justify the expense. The deciding factor was when I saw that it came with week on one page. I am a week on two page kinda girl. Anyway, Have a great day everyone.

  7. I automatically register every once as I receive them. Just the thought of losing one (or losing track of one) sends me into instant panic mode.

  8. I'm a real muppet - I have registered them, then swapped the contents.. and can't now remember which code goes with which filofax.
    Maybe I need to re-register them...

  9. UNchecked other,,,,,that is a sad but beautiful story. How wonderful that he took the time to go through the Filo and find you where you were to return. It is amazing the kindness of strangers and gives me hope in this sometimes not so kind world,,,,,

  10. I know this is an old thread but has anyone found an up to date link? Just seems to lead to sales pages. Thanks.

    1. I think it is inside 'My Account' these days


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