16 December 2011

Filofax UK Today's Special Offer - 16 Dec 2011

On offer today at Filofax UK is a the launch of 50% off sale on selected items. This offer is only for 24 hours until 10am tomorrow morning.

Click on the Filofax Logo to the right to be taken to the site, all purchases via this link will earn commission which will be added to our charity donation total.

Thank you for your help and support.

Filofax Germany are also having a sale at the moment, check out the details here.

Whilst Filofax USA are doing free Fedex shipping on orders over $80


  1. Got all excited... maybe there could be a Gift-o-fax in there for me...
    Sadly not.
    Ah well.
    At least it's Friday...

  2. @Amanda - they still have a couple of finchley mini's on half price in their regular 'last chance to buy' area.

  3. I would really like one of the folders to hold an A4 pad - but which one to go for? I'll probably go for the Finsbury as I would prefer leather.

    Has anyone got one?

  4. More lovely Decos on sale. I doubt they'd sell those for less than 50%. A super deal.

    I don't know whether I would persuade myself to buy 4 colours, but ..... if they were in A5 or slimline I would. Please Filofax, lets have some A5 Decos next year.

  5. Didn't they have 50% off on Decos a little while ago? Are they planning on discontinuing the Deco?

  6. @Alison
    Thanks for thinking of me. I haven't really managed to get on with a mini. I have a lovely baroque mini that I used for a couple of months but then moved into a personal and have never moved back.
    Thanks for the pointer though!

  7. @Alison R It's a pity they don't include interior pictures of the A4 folders, just a written description.

    @scoot Not sure about the Deco


  8. I don't think I'll be ordering anything from Filofax UK for a while. I'm still waiting for my Christmas presents that were despatched on the 2nd... I have mailed them to let them know there is a problem with the Company Name field in the delivery address section, but have had no response. Thankfully their customer service people are very helpful and have resent the order - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the parcel will arrive in time...

  9. @Steve I found some interior pictures on the French site - you'd think they would share pictures wouldn't you? They all seem to have different ones!

  10. Ok, I finally order Deco black Personal size! I use Eton (same size and color) and hope Deco will be better choice in some cases :) Is it true than Deco is designed more for women no for gents?

  11. Well, on digging around the filofax site there are a few other offers which are not on this page. Also they have just added Red Maldens to the offer! I ended up ordering a Classic A4 folder in Camel. It was 50% off, but still more than I was going to spend on the Finsbury. However I thought it had more character, and as I hope to be using it for many years I thought I had better get one I would treasure. Somehow the Finsbury just doesn't quite float my boat!

  12. I ended up buying... on impulse!... an A5 Kendal filofax. It was 50% off so I thought it wold be rude not to ;-)

  13. Darn these Filofax offers! I got a ruby pocket deco for use at work, and a purple finchley mini out of curiosity.


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