22 December 2011


This is nothing new, people have set up Filofaxes for keeping notes about their blog before... but I thought I would tell you about mine...

So in the run up to Christmas I have been writing lots of posts to try and get over the Christmas period, so you still had stuff to read and, I could sit back and relax and enjoy Christmas with the family... I'm a bit selfish like that you know! Well I don't see my son that often other than on the other end of a Skype call, so to see him face to face is a bit rare these days, ok enough of the excuses Steve...

All the routine posts on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are easy to do in advance, it's thinking through the ones on the other days of the week that needed thinking through a bit.

So I was going a bit stir crazy with dates and posts and trying to slot them all in. During a break to wander around the supermarket to get bread and the usual stuff I thought... Blog-o-Fax,  yes need one.

Now I could have just done this with a wall calendar and some marker pens... but where is the fun in that? I 'needed' something that would show me several weeks in advance but would still give me plenty of space to write in the boxes. So a month on one page may be...

Naturally I wanted to avoid buying anything new.. so I thought yes... my A4 Classic, it is sat in the cupboard just waiting to be used. A4 would be easy to print a calendar off for and also it would give me plenty of space to write in the boxes, nice and clear and I will be able to see at a glance where I needed to write posts for.  Yes I know the Classic is a bit of an overkill at £150... but I didn't pay that much for it when I bought it last year, and I have it sat in the cupboard.

So I popped on to the computer and put in the dates of FFAT, FFAF (Tuesdays and Fridays) and then worked out a suitable layout and size etc. Printed off the calendar in colour as well!

I took out some of the other pages in the A4 that I would no longer need, put them to one side and then concentrated on what I would need apart from a calendar. Some notepaper, and a couple of To Do list pages, can't do anything without a To Do list!

I've been using this for the last two or three weeks and it really has made a difference with my blog post planing.  I can now easily see where the gaps are in the schedule, what is coming up, what I can shuffle when more time important posts come along. So the schedule does change and get updated quite often in a week.

Once this next few weeks is out of the way, I might try transferring the idea in to my A5 desk Filofax, but it's been a useful exercise to try it out in a separate one first to see what I actually need over a few weeks before I make any changes to my main set up. 


  1. Steve this is a good idea. I need to sort out my blog and also social media posting and this would work really well. Thanks!

  2. Great idea! Great for any writing plans. Also good for any students planning exams and assignments too I would think.

  3. Cunning plan - I've been meaning to set one up and never getting round to it. :-)

  4. Nice Idea Steve, Happy Holidays. Enjoy your son's visit. Be Well.