14 December 2011

My Set Up for 2012 - Part Deux

You might recall last month I described to you my A5 Malden set up for 2012. Now I know a few of you don't like the size and bulk of the A5, especially if you need to carry your Filofax around with you each and every day.

You will recall my set up in the A5 has two diary inserts in it... one for planning (present and future) and one for journal (essentially the past). Another feature of the planning insert was the integration of the to-do lists in to the weekly view.

So I did some catalogue studying and some web browsing to see if I could come up with a similar dual set up but in personal size.

After looking around I came up with this solution. For journalling I would use the Week on Two Pages in English only, this one is in cotton cream paper.

Then the options for planning was slightly more restricted, but I hit on this idea, using a week per page with to do sheets interleaved between each page, which looks like this:

It retains the ideal situation of being able to view the days next to the tasks in the to do list. The next week the to do list swaps to the other side, but I don't think that's a major issue in terms of layout for me.

As an alternative there is the Week on One page with notes insert, whilst this maintains the same layout for each week, days on the left, notes on the right, it has the disadvantage of being multi language and the day spaces are already small enough as it is!

The rest of my set up is pretty much as the set up I've been using this year in my Malden with addresses, information (maps), projects, notes etc. But slimmed down a little by removing spare pages so that the Malden can just about take the two diary inserts as well as the other pages.

The best part of this set up is I can carry it anywhere, and at a push it could be my only Filofax, if I chose to go that route... as always though time will tell. I find I have to try out a different set up for a few weeks to know if it will work for me or not.


  1. Steve, this year I bought the inserts that has a week on page and Notes facing it so I can use it for a To Do or notes. Sounds close to your idea.
    I will let u know how it works out for me in 2012!


  2. Hello Steve, thank you for ideas! I was thinking about putting a transparent flyleaf in the middle of the current week as a dashboard for my post-its and reminders (because I still have confusion with synthesis of my various to-dos!).
    Another question I'd like to ask you, if you don't mind, is about journaling; I, too, use my filofax as a journal among others, but I only have a section of ruled paper for it. I see you chose a WO2P and would just like to ask you about your entries given the space of that setup: do you record key-words for the day only, or short sentences and descriptions or...?
    I saw this picture


    and it made want to try to keep my journal in a less common way... Thank you and regards!

  3. I have been using Week Per Page with Notes for most of this year, but have been thinking of switching to Week Per Page, with blank pages between for lists and notes ... Then I read your post! Great timing! I will be very interested to see what you think of these two set ups.

  4. I was just thinking about a week per page + notes format, but I didn't realize that you could only get it in multi-language. That seals it for me. I would rather do as your second option, the week per page and interleaf(ve?) a ToDo sheet in between. Great review! I'm still loving my Cuban zip and it continues to lie flat after its initial hard-core training.