30 December 2011

Free for All Friday No. 163

Since it's our last FFAF of the year, it's a good time to talk about our New Year celebrations. In my case, a walking tour of my town's concerts and other festivities, dinner at a favorite restaurant, and then some champagne at home.

And since it is Friday, all other topics are also welcome!

I have loved and valued my Filofax this year, and will continue to do in the next year.


  1. In my case, a quiet dinner at home, followed by some champagne at midnight with my lovely wife.

    My Filofax has been my other constant companion this year, and (now newly set up for 2012) will continue to be so throughout the one about to start.

    I wish you all every success, peace, happiness and prosperity for 2012.


  2. Lunch out with Husband (His Birthday), then fireworks in Courtyard with neighbours at midnight. May all your wishes, dreams and set ups be successful in 2012.

  3. HI everyone. Sorry I've been a bit elusive this week. My uncle died just before Christmas which means I had some family duties to attend to, and I have also been trying to set up a new computer so my email has been spasmodic. Anyhow - it sounds like you all have great plans for New Year. We are going to some friends who are having a 'formal' party - about 20 of us and all in evening dress! We know most of the people going so will be fun - a nice meal and some champagne.

    My 2012 setup is still in the planning stage as my head has been elsewhere recently! I'm going to try and work on it this weekend.

    I wish my Philofaxy friends a wonderful happy and prosperous New Year!

  4. My friend Topaz will take me to the grocery store to work on the shopping list for dinner tomorrow.

    Time to start preparing the party. ;))

    I wish all of you prosperity, harmony, success and a healthy New Year!


  5. @Alison
    I'm very sorry to hear that, and I hope you are alright!

    Apart from two Philofaxy meet-ups, my year wasn't to great. So there is no need for a big celebration ;-)

    We will be at home with a friend, have a good meal. Then no fireworks, but lots of champagne at midnight to welcome the new (better) year.

    I hope you all get there well, and I'm looking forward to some more great post around here.

    For 2012 I wish you luck, happiness, success with all your plans, and - most of all - health!

    Yours Thomas

  6. http://lifehacker.com/5871796/scription-chronodox-is-a-beautiful-printable-freeform-weekly-planner-for-the-new-year
    Try this and see what you think, not forgetting to leave a note and a prayer as you do.
    Happy Planning fellow Philofaxers

  7. Allison: My condolences.

    As for New Year's Eve I'm preparing a turkey dinner for the immediate family.
    If the weather is good I'll probably bundle up and try to get some nice photos of the fireworks.

    My Filofax for 2012 will be my new personal Amazona. It's not set up yet, simply because I have yet to decide which diary to use.

  8. @ Alison. So sorry to hear of your bereavement and loss. Take care and be kind and gentle on yourself.

    @ Tommes. I hope that 2012 will be a better year for you. I am sending out lots of positive thoughts your way.

    Like Tommes, been a bit of a yuck year for me, so can't wait for
    2012. Dad and I will be seeing in Hogmanay together.... he first foots. Then it's a pleasant New Year's Day roast lunch chez Dad with ooodles of champagne. Bliss!!!!!

  9. @Alison
    So sorry to hear your news. Hope you are okay.

    I will be doing nothing special for New Year. Is that really dull of me? DH and I will have a normal meal and I will quite probably be tucked up in bed before 10.30!

    I have my set-up for 2012 sorted and will blog about it today. It's (starting out) in the Cavendish (but may move between Cavendish, Baroque and possibly a Portland over the year).

    Happy 2012 when it comes!


  11. Most unusual for us (husband was always either working - cop - or asleep on couch by 9 pm) we are going to an RCMP Regimental NY Eve ball at the division HQ! Will be quite the fancy do and we're looking forward to it. Happy New Year and all the best to everyone! (I did my 2012 Filo set up last weekend)

  12. Keep meaning to ask - and then keep forgetting! - does/has anyone use(d) FizzyMilkJelly ..?

    The website doesn't give all that much info as it seems you are expected to pay a membership (either one year or lifetime) So I would love to hear if anyone has any experience of them..?


  13. So sorry to hear of your loss, Alison. I hope you are remembering to breathe and take care of yourself- that's all any of us can really do.

    As far as the New Year, we are hosting an engagement party tonight, then are going out to dinner with a few friends tomorrow. Both nights should have plenty of champagne :)

    Now, I'm off to keep cleaning- darn Philofaxy has gone and distracted me again!!!

    Happy New Year, lovely Philofaxians!

  14. @ Alison - :o( Big hugs and lots of Filofax love x

    @ Amanda - glad it's not just me who will probably be tucked up in bed long before midnight. 2 small boys, early mornings and lack of babysitters isn't exactly conducive to a NYE out (or even awake...)

    I may spend part of my evening planning my set up for next year (I know, I know very disorganised, it sounds like everyone else is already sorted)

    Happy New Year everyone xxx

  15. Thank you for all your kind thoughts - much appreciated. We don't have the funeral until towards the end of next week due to Christmas and New Year holidays.

    On a separate note - I am seriously thinking about moving into a personal binder - what is your favourite diary option? I happen to have a month to view with tabs and was thinking of putting either a week to view or daily diary option in between.

  16. @ Alison - I'm quite taken with the week on one pages with notes - especially if you already have the monthly view as well. Unfortunately I have bought it for myself for 2012, but am now trying to see if I can fit my life into one filo so won't be using it straight away, but will definitely hang onto it in case my attempts don't work out...

    WO2P (lined) is also rather nice :o)

    If you're short of spares let me know, I have quite a few 2012 diaries from my various FF purchases this year