29 December 2011

Malden Mini - Wallet/Filofax

Yes it was inevitable that I would buy a Malden Mini to go with the rest of my Malden Family! A mini came up for sale and I made a rapid decision to buy it, like you do...

So the Mini is a grey one, so it nicely matches my A5 Malden's. In the picture above it is shown next to my black pocket Malden to give you some idea of the size.

Comparing the two, you will see that the Pocket has a notepad slot in the right hand inside cover, were as the Mini has two more card slots.

In the left hand side of the Pocket there is a zip pocket, with a slot behind it, a further slot pocket and another behind that. The last one being quite deep.  In the Mini there is again a zip pocket with a pocket behind that and an additional slot pocket.

If you are going to use either of these sizes as a wallet/Filofax/notebook/shopping list type organiser then in some ways the Mini I think might work slightly better because of those slots in the right hand inside cover.

Both have full width outside cover pockets, ideal for bank notes and receipts.

In the pictures above is a Finchley Mini and the Malden Mini. The Finchley has two slots in the left hand side and a large zip pocket in the right hand side. I use the zip pockets on any of these for a small amount of coins, but they can make the organiser quite heavy if you carry too many coins.

I have been trying out the Malden Mini as a wallet for the last couple of weeks, it works quite well. The only thing I've had to do compared to using the pocket size is to relocate my passport to my car documents wallet, which wasn't a big deal really. I also trimmed a health document I carry which stuck out the top a little, once trimmed down it slips in to the back pocket of the Mini just fine.

I don't have that many pages in it, just a WO2P diary insert with some 2011 pages added, some lined paper and some to-do lists. I have bank cards in the front and medical ones in the back.

So I think the Mini is a great addition. It also fits in to my pockets easily if I don't have my 'Man Bag' with me!

Our dear friend Thomas has a Malden Mini which he has been successfully using as a wallet since the London Meet Up in March, he's made some top tab dividers for it too.


  1. very nice! Compared to that red Finchley one, seems much more practical with all the extra slots and a small zippered pocket - so you don't have to dig in to rescue papers stuck inside. I love the color as well!

  2. the photos are beautiful.. Love the colours. And which pen is that one, Steve?

  3. Hi, Thank you. You know how much I love taking pictures of these things!

    The pen is in fact a pencil. It's a Filofax Mini Barley Pencil:


    I have the pen as well. It's quite heavy for it's size, but it is nice to hold and use.


  4. Nice Filo! I've been toying with the idea of putting my Mini Finsbury into use myself. I think I'm one of the rare 'One Filofax For Everything' kind of people though!

    I wanted to buy a Mini Barley pencil but didn't bother because when I asked the Filofax site if they sold replacement erasers for them, they said it doesn't have one! What's the point of a pencil for a Filofax that doesn't have an eraser?

  5. Hello everyone! Long time since I have posted. Just ordered the Holborn personal for 2012. Really had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do for next year.
    Hope everyone is well!