09 December 2011

Filofax Sales

We seem to be in the full sales season at the moment. So here is a summary of what we have found and what has been reported to us. Thank you for sending in the details.

Filofax Italy has a large sale on at the moment. Details on their page here.

Meanwhile of in the USA, Filofax USA have a three day offer on Filofax Classics, any size, any colour by using the promo code D447

Terms and conditions of this deal are: Promo Code D447 must be used at payment/Checkout screen. 25% discount applies only to Classic organizers and does not apply to any other organizer or Filofax product. Offer can not be combined with other offers or promo codes. D447 Offer valid 12/9/11 through 12/12/11 Order must include a Classic organizer for discount to apply. This promotion can not be applied to previously placed orders.

There is also free shipping on orders over $35 at the moment.

And meanwhile in UK we are in the middle of Finsbury Friday, with 20% off all Finsbury products.  I also noticed that all purple Finchley's are currently 50% off on the Filofax website. This brings the prices down considerably. Mini £32, Pocket £36  Personal £41.50, A5 £62.50

Go and grab a bargain where ever you are...


  1. And Filofax France still have the 3x2 on paper accessories and diaries!

  2. Already picked up a turquoise pocket baroque from the Italian sale (they seem to have run out of stock of this colour). It arrived very quickly and is sooooooo soft and flexible.

  3. Whoops! Just made an impulse purchase. Personal imperial purple Finchley. Lets call it a Christmas present to myself!