03 December 2011

Web Finds - 3 December 2011

OK you know how this works... no excuses or feeble reasons just sit down and enjoy an hour or two of Filofax love... go for it!
This caught my attention too...



      1. Another massive selection - thanks Steve. And thank you for including my posts here. Marcus is currently sat next to me with his FF, having stolen my green Frixion pen so no doubt he will be checking out the pics with me :o)

      2. The "Filofax travel journal" link from Filomaniac is messed up - looks like two links got smushed together somehow in the post.

        Also, just today I posted an entry which had a little bit to do with Filofax and a lot to do with another brand of ring-bound planner - I don't know if it qualifies for Web Finds but I thought I would give you the heads up. :) It is here: http://bluebonnetreads.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/my-2012-set-up-for-now-at-least/

      3. Link fixed, thanks for spotting that.... as you can tell they are assembled by hand, no automation is used and therefore there will be the occasional error!

        Hmmm that other binder has an extra ring... nothing a hack saw can't fix though ;-)

      4. Don't worry, I won't be straying again..at least not in binders. Other inserts are much more tempting... ;)

      5. That seventh ring is just annoying. I do love the color of your "other" binder, B.

        So much to read! Guess the kids will have to fend for themselves for a spell--just kidding!

      6. @bluebonnetreads are the holes on the a5 Filofax vs classic franklin covey way out? Just wondered if they look a real mess if I had to repunch.

      7. Ooo, thanks, Steve! Food shopping is going to have to wait for a bit :)

      8. Oh dear and all the OH's around the world can point their finger at me and say 'He's the cause of the lazyness on Saturdays.... him' Hehehe Do I look as if I care??!! Of course not...

        I prefer my week... Monday Saturday... Tuesday Saturday... Wednesday Saturday.. etc!

      9. @Alison - I don't know for sure, since I've never owned an A5 Filofax, but the Philofaxy FAQ has told me that they are incompatible and I've seen people comment that they are a mess when repunched. Steve would probably know more. :)

      10. @bluebonnetreads Could you do me a favour and do some measurements on your FC (A5) binder.

        Measuring to the centre of the rings what is the gap between the middle set of rings (ignoring the very middle one) so in Filofax terms the hole centres of rings 3 and 4. I assume they are using 19mm 3/4" spacing for the three ring spacing?

        I will punch a coloured bit of paper to show the difference between FC and FF. I've previously done this for QV and Mulberry... none of them or very few of them are the same at A5 size!

        Email philofaxy at gmail dot com


      11. @Alison - I am using FC in my A5 but found it to be too much paper and therefore a bit of a waste for my needs. I just love the layout though.

        Here is a photo of the re-punched holes.


      12. I wanted to comment on Ray Blake's blog and say how much I enjoyed it, but had an error message saying I did not have access to comment. Ray, if you're reading this, thank you for a fabulous blog post. I too would love an e. mail of your tabs. My address is je.mccourt@virgin.net
        Thank you ever so much... I post as Butanben by the way! Think your tabs looks so very professional and would adore using these. xx

      13. Thank you so much for including me! You made my day doing that :) I feel positively Filofamous!


      14. @Saffy - thanks for the photo link - really helpful - they sort of don't look as bad as I thought! The FC inserts are so much more imaginative aren't they?