31 December 2011

Web Finds 31 December 2011

The final web finds of 2011. What a year it's been. Thank you for all the blog posts you have posted and we have found... I hope we have brought you more readers to your blogs and you are building your readership and following. Let us look forward to some more great posts in 2012.

So here are some I found this week in between eating mince pies, Christmas cake and far too much chocolate....


  1. "far too much chocolate" ... I see the words, I understand them individually, but presented in that order? I don't comprehend the concept! ;-)

    Thanks for the great work you do here, Steve, for all us Philo/Filo freaks!

  2. Thanks again Steve - you rock!!!

    @ terriknits - totally agree, very strange thought...

  3. A bumper crop of finds - thanks Steve.

  4. This year I discovered Filofax and Filofaxy... both are now part of my life! Thank you Steve - great work! Thank you Filofax... a happy addiction! ☺

  5. yay me too! I'm loving this blog! I'm new to filofax, I just got mine a few days ago, but I already LOVE it! I've started a blog, if you want go tjec it out :)

  6. Thanks to Steve & all the other contributors for your hard work during the year. I've been entertained, educated, met lovely people at the meet up & enjoyed the interactions of the community online.
    Happy New Year (nearly)! :)

  7. thanks Steve, to see my post in web finds on last day of the year! how exciting! I am sure 2012 will be amazing year with philofaxy on my reading list! lol. happy new year!