06 December 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 44

Questions questions questions... have you got one? Never be afraid to ask a Filofax related question...


  1. Hello everyone!

    My question is this: which Filofaxes (type and size) have a full-length wallet-style pocket at the back, as well as the Finsbury? I love my Finsbury, partly for this reason, but am after another one and I find this pocket very useful.


  2. The finchley does not sure about any others.

  3. Generally only the Pocket and Mini have this full length pocket on the back.

    Finsbury, Chameleon, Malden all have the back pocket. The Finchley and Aston don't have the back pocket.

    Check the website for others.

  4. Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with Filofax customer services? I ordered the Malden when it was half price with some extra note paper. The notepaper arrived but the Malden was out of stock. I've been waiting a week for a refund, i've e-mailed them and rang them. I Havent had a response to my e-mail yet and customer services said the refund should have been automatic and that they would look into it and ring me later that day. Im still waiting for a call back.

    I dont know what else to try?

  5. Leave a spicy message on their Facebook wall!!!!!

  6. Thank you! That's a bit of a shame . . . I was thinking of upgrading to a personal size but will miss the wallet pocket! :-(

  7. @ Jotje

    Thanks, I didnt know they had a Facebook page. I think i'll try it tonight if they dont ring today

  8. Oh I need help!!! Just last month I bought a beautiful purple pocket Finchley! I love her! She is my wallet/on-the-go filo. Then, I had a serious attack of planner angst. Had a Quo Vadis Minister in a gorgeous cover all set for my main 2012 planner. Of course, never being quite satisfied, I found myself looking for a personal filo for my 2012 setup. We have four retailers in my hometown of Atlanta and I visited each of them several times over the past weeks (the employees think I'm a stalker). I've fondled all the filos but couldn't bring myself to buy. I have lusted after the Malden in ochre, but no one has it in stock. However, the black Malden is everywhere.

    I finally set out this morning with the intent to make a personal black Malden mine. Alas, I became tempted by the personal Finsbury in red – solely because of price (is this a terrible thing?). It was marked down to $50 – half of the Malden – so after much fondling, and agonizing and sweating and walking around the store, I am the proud owner of the red Finsbury.

    But, instead of being excited, I am having anxiety again and can't get the Malden out of my mind. So I need your help. Do I return the red Finsbury for the black Malden? Do I order the ochre Malden online? Do I use this red beauty? Is there another option? I'm really into instant gratification, hence the reason I didn't order the ochre in the first place. Money is a bit of a concern with Christmas coming, but if an extra $50 could buy peace, it might be worth it. Oh what to do???!!!

    For reference, this will be my main planner and will mostly be kept on my desk at home. It will travel when necessary, but the pocket Finchley is made more for that. I will also keep goals, to-dos, notes, kids schedules, daily schedules, etc in it. Oh heavens – I'm hyperventilating now. Help!

  9. No question, just a gloat. I was lucky to get an A5 purple Finchley from the Sweden sale. Loved it from the start and thought how perfect it would be for work. Well, I have an interview tomorrow after being unemployed for a year. The Finchley will be on show.

  10. Kate, All the very best. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  11. @Kelly Marriott - this is how it begins... and then you end up blushing when you answer Steve's poll on how many Filofaxes you own. :)
    I'm well familiar with instant gratification urge and really know what you mean! You lust after one, the first you can get your hands on is the other model and there's a third one in between!
    Hehe, my only consolation is that obviously Filofaxes (and not men, for example!!!) are where my poor impulse control breaks out!...
    I don't dare to answer your question, but I think we have one more thing in common: it is the expectation and all the mental stuff going on about the new Filofax that keeps your heart rate high, isn't it? Well, it is for me. Or is there another explanation for my neverending: "Just this one, and then no more, promise"? ;) Good luck, and I'd love to hear how you decide!

  12. @Kelly Marriott. I always find that my first thought, or my first yearning is usually the right thought, especially if I am yearning after other stuff because of the better price, but it just doesn't feel right. Go with your gut instinct.... it's usually not far wrong. All the best in your choice. Think the Malden only has one pen loop, so you may wish to look into a site called Quiver, which does pen holders. I've got one for my A5 and it's great!

  13. @CP. Sorry to hear about your Filofax woes. Hope it wasn't a birthday present for you?? My dad has said that he will go for a Filofax pocket Malden in Crimson for me for Christmas. It's something I've wanted,to use as a wallet, and thought it would be less strain for him to order something from Filofax, as he HATES shopping and crowds!!!! Also it was a good price at half price, as he's a pensioner on a budget thought it ideal!! Hope he doesn't encounter the same problems as you. Thanks for the tip off. Will ring him and see.

  14. @Kelly,

    If money is the object, then return the red Fins and get what your heart's desire. pensandleanther has the maldens with 20% of list and you can get another 10% mobile discount I think. If you really don't feel like parting with the red Fins, and Malden is just something you THINK you might want, then wait for better bargains from bigger sale or ebay find.

  15. @Kelly Marriott - like some of the other comments, I would say go with your gut instinct! I really wanted a Malden, but bought a Kendal instead as it was half price. It was lovely, but in the end I sold it as the Malden was what I really wanted...
    I wonder if there are any other Philofaxy readers near you that have an ochre one for you to see?

    @Butanben - the Quiver looks lovely! Wonder if any of the smaller sizes would work on a personal?

    @Kate - good luck with your interview tomorrow :)

  16. Kelly- I know what you mean! There is only one store by me that carries a few filofaxes. I too wanted the ochre malden. I ordered online and it did take awhile 15 days. I was way anxious, but it was what I wanted I thought (hadn't seen any version of the malden in person). Well, now I have had it for a few weeks. It seems like no big deal now that I had to wait for a little while. It will last for years....a few weeks wait in the long run is no big deal. Good luck with what you decide.

  17. Kate--Good luck with your interview.
    And congrats on getting a nice new planner.

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  19. Question: How do I concentrate on work this rainy New York afternoon when I just took delivery of my new Aston A5 Filofax in Chocolate? Soft leather, perfect size, stunning. Difficult to think about anything else!!

  20. @Butanben - which quiver did you buy for the A5? I'm keen to get one, but wasn't sure which would fit best.

    @Kelly - go with your gut instinct - at the very least you could sell the Red Finsbury.

    @Kate - good luck with the interview!

  21. I'm wanting a personal size filofax in red and I can't decide between the Malden, Finsbury, Chameleon and Classic. What would everyone suggest? Is there another one I haven't mentioned that you'd really suggest?

    Also how do people use their filofax's as journals?

  22. Hi all! I am a Filofax newbie here. I just got my very first Filofax last week- a Personal Finchley from the Swedish sale (I'm so thankful I stumbled across this site that day. Could never have purchased a Filofax here without that great deal!) I'd love some tips for setting up my first Filofax. I have been browsing all of your beautiful binders on the Flickr pool, and they are all packed full! Mine is still more or less as it was shipped. I'm saving now to order some more notepaper and other accessories but still don't really know what formats and pagesI will like to use best. Would love to order one of everything but I can't :-) also, I don't know of anywhere in the US to sell these except online. Any advice on a good setup starting out would be appreciated. Also, what can I put in my card slots?? What a silly question, I know, but they are empty and lonesome. :-)

  23. Hi Amanda

    Have a quick scroll though Philofaxy site and you'll see tons of set up pics - I put stamps and hairdresser appointment cards in my card slots at the front of my Filofax and then I have several of the plastic clear card holders where I tend to cut out bits from magazines such as ideas for gifts for Christmas, books I want to read or just pictures I like/quotes to inspire to create a fun section at the front full of lovely pretty things. Sounds silly I know but makes me smile everytime I open my binder (you can see lots of pics on my blog if you were interested)

    I also find the essential inserts for me are:
    1. sticky notes can't live without them
    2. month on 2 pages planner to overview the whole month
    3. week on 2 pages diary for all the millions of things i have to do
    4. Filofax stickers to make important appointments/fun things I love the cocktail glass one the most hehe
    5. To do sheets - essential for me as I am always making lists...

    The other essential for me is coloured Frixion pens by Pilot (they are erasable so you can run out changes without wrecking the diary pages)

    Hope this helps and enjoy Lx

  24. @Alley
    Malden and chameleon lay flat, others don't. And I personally won't recommend classic if you intend to use it a lot. The leather near the spine tends to wrinkle and peel, I saw that on several including one of mine.

  25. Hi all,

    My friend has a filofax that she has had for several years that is looking rather dishevelled and dirty. she is letting me know what style filo it is so that I can give you some more info, but she has told me it it a "pink, leather' filo and that she had it for her birthday 5 years ago...
    My question is - what is best to use for cleaning ??

    I tried a baby wipe on my aqua finsbury, thinking if they are gentle enough for babies bums then it'd be ok, but the colour came off onto the baby wipe! :o(

    I will provide more info when I have it but any advice would be greatly appreciated?

    TiA x

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  27. @Alison. I bought the largest size double Quiver for my A5s. They are superb. The fit is tight, when putting it on, but it does fit and lay flat. Love it on my Finsbury. I posted a while back with photos.It's expensive with postage from the USA, but tip top quality and will last a lifetime.

    @Anita. I am sure that they would do one to fit a personal planner. They are on Facebook. Great customer service. So maybe you can e. mail them with your Filofax dimensions?? I don't own a personal, so don't have a clue about the size of a double Quiver for that. I have the large size for my A5s though, which I guess would be too big for the personal Filofax.

    @ CP and Princess K- apologies for the post I think I've muddled the blog name Princess K with Caribbean Princess here!!!!! It's been a busy day and think my brain is frazzled with Christmas shopping!!!!!

  28. Hi! I am from germany. So sorry for my not perfect english. I want to you if anyone of you has a "Emergency"-list which you can send be by eMail? I want to use my new fresco filofax for all emergencykindathings like telephone numbers, adresses, contract-ids and so on.

    If you have a list, pls send me an eMail to: janasbooklook@arcor.de

    Thank you!

  29. @Kate good luck tomorrow! You'll do great.

    @Kelly - ah, the slippery slope. That's how it starts. I have a pocket Finsbury and a pocket and personal Malden and for me, I find the Malden is a much nicer binder. If you really want the ochre, you could get it online. I've never seen the ochre in person, but they look lovely in the photo I've seen. And I echo the others - "go with your gut".

    @amanda - my Filo is always evolving. Once you start using it, it will fill up, then you'll start moving things around in it to make it more useable. Give it time to figure out what works and doesn't work for you, what you want to put in there. That's half the fun!

  30. Hello Everyone,

    @ Tali, I remember reading one of the posts where she said Nivea is good for cleaning the filofax. Hope this helps. My sister also uses vaseline on hers an she said it works very well. Hope this helps. @Kelly Marriott well wishes with your job hunt.

  31. @Amanda - I'm in the US too. There is a link on the Filofax USA website to "find a retailer" - otherwise you can find non-Filofax brand pages that will fit in your Personal in most office supply stores. Notepaper is in short supply, though.

    I need notepaper and to-do list sheets. Everything else is nice if I can afford it. :)

    Enjoy setting up your Filofax!!!!

  32. Thanks for all your thoughts on my dilemma. I had decided to keep the red fins because my family was urging me to just make a decision and get on with life. Seriously, the angst was interfering with my life. So, I decided I would jsut keep it. BUT – and there's always a but– I still wasn't at peace. So I did what any serial filofaxer would do. I got up this morning and set out, determined to exchange the red fins for whatever Malden I could find. They only had the black – but I was smitten! I made the exchange and then – wait for it – I did what any serial filofaxer would do. I asked the retailer to order the ochre for me as well. They were happy to do this and there won't be shipping. I even talked them into a 20% discount. I mean, who can't use two Maldens?

    So, dilemma solved – for now – well until the new line comes out and the “urge” strikes again.

    I'm quite happy with the black. She is classy and matches all of my fine pens. And just to be sure she had a pen in every color, on my way out of the store, I accidentally bought a new Pilot Cavalier in baby blue. I know the filo isn't FP friendly, but the pen will sure look good lying next to the oh so supple Malden.

  33. If you live in the US and need inserts, there are four retailers near me and I'm happy to send you what you need if they have it. One shop has a huge selection of refills and inserts! This might help save on shipping (and it gives me an excuse to visit my fav shops)