13 December 2011

Filofax UK Today's Special Offer - 13 Dec 2011

On offer today at Filofax UK is a free pen with an organiser over £40. This offer is only for 24 hours until 10am tomorrow morning.

Click on the Filofax Logo to the right to be taken to the site, all purchases via this link will earn commission which will be added to our charity donation total.

Thank you for your help and support.


  1. Is the free pen a filofax pen? I didn't like my free filofax pen (which came with the gourmet set).
    Bet it's not a Mont Blanc (now that would be an offer!)

  2. Yes a Mont Blanc pen would certainly boost sales but I doubt it would do much for their profits!

    I'm not sure if it is me, but their offers don't set me alight - there are a lot of better deals others are doing this Christmas. Perhaps we have been spoilt with the other offers in the Autumn.

    I feel they would have done better by doing some sort of competition to win something really worth having each day.

  3. I agree, Alison. I'm not set alight either - some of the 'offers' have been out only the other day and the others are not exactly lighting a fire under me.
    Ah well, maybe they're saving up something superb for the end??

  4. Hi guys. I am also not over excited by the offers. An I feel from a marketing perspective they arent effective - most people looking for a xmas gift go on the website once to look and then once to buy. its only people like us here on Philofaxy that maybe look on filofax.co.uk more often. so a person looking for a gift would be unlikely to make use of these 24 hr offers. Yesterday was a briefcase on sale, any person looking for a briefcase would have had a good deal but those 'normal' folks who dont check filofax every day would have missed the 'deal' and potentially shopped elsewhere if they didnt happen to go online within that 24hr period. anyway - i am hoping for a super 12th day deal where I will buy myself a xmas gift :)

  5. The other thing I find odd is that I have bought several things from them, they have my email and yet I have had no notification of the offers at all? Whoever is going their marketing at the moment doesn't seem particularly switched on.