27 December 2011

Free For All Tuesday No 47

Well I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I guess you might have a few questions to ask... 'where can I buy... who stocks.... etc'

Well this is the place to ask all your Filofax related questions....


  1. 2 new FFs and the fact that I haven't got myself set up for 2012 yet made me spend a few hours yesterday sorting out my collection and inserts.

    It is a work in progress and will hopefully get finished today, but I'm trying to decide what to do with all the 2011 & 2012 diary inserts that I have.

    I'm sure I read an article on Philofaxy about what years the dates fall on the same days of the week so that the pages can be used in the future, but can't find it anywhere - maybe it was somewhere else.

    It is possible that I dreamt it (yes, I do dream about Filofaxes), but am pretty sure I didn't.

    Does anyone have this info?



  2. I actually have my first Filofax on the way. It's a personal black Adelphi. I was wondering if any special care needs to be taken for the leather and the organizer in general.

  3. As yet, not many unwanted faxes appearing on ebay.

  4. Hi Scoot
    Judging by the (dreaded/loved/hated) Twitter... there's a lot of people loving their Christmas gifted Filofaxes and they have become followers and readers of Philofaxy :-)

  5. hello everybody.
    does anyone got experiences with the holburn zip in a5?
    i´m thinking about buying one as present for myself :)

  6. @LJ, Kate had a post on her blog about that: http://thelifeoftheperpetualstudent.blogspot.com/2011/07/diary-hack.html

  7. @Steve great news....just out of idle curiosity, do we know how many subscribers we have?

  8. @ Terriknits - thanks. Looks like I will be doing some more research re 2011 and 2012, using them as general to do sheets, or sending them to random people in the hope that they can use them :-D x

  9. @LJ - you can also do what I read either here or on another Filo blog - use them as note paper, but turn them upside down so you don't get distracted by the day/dates.

  10. Hello all! I have a dilemma (that I am sure everyone else has faced lol!). I have been using a Personal Finsbury as my main Filofax but today got an A5 Finsbury in the sale. I am wondering whether to swap my main to A5 as I can fit so much more in which is vital for my job and all the 'stuff' I carry around. Do many people use A5 for their main Filofax?