02 December 2011

Sliding Tabs

This idea came to me in one of those flashes of inspiration, a sort of why didn't I think of that before...

So the problem... Franklin Covey tabbed pages are much wider than Filofax ones... so much wider that they stick out of the side of a Filofax organiser.. See Zoe's blog post that shows this problem better than I can describe it....

So the FC Tab picture is just that a standard dimension FC tab with the holes where they are when you buy them.... and yes they stick out.

I then put a Filofax Tab on top of it and located the holes where they would be on the page. Used a single hole punch on the FF holes and then with a craft knife cut out the card between each hole to form the slots. 

In the binder pulled out you can see the tab.... pushed in it disappears flush with the excess in the space inside the rings. I've tried it on my Malden and it seems to work....

Just a slight variation with the mark 2 version. Just a simply single cut between the two rows of holes. You can still move them in or out with a little effort. But these might be easier to make and you don't lose too much of the space on the tab.

I will admit my mock up tabs aren't exactly beautifully made, but I just wanted to show you the idea...

Now the only problem I can see is if there is anything printed on the tab divider? It might look a bit messy/odd with the oval slots in?


  1. This is very timely as Franklin Covey appear to have started selling in the UK again. Very tempting as their inserts much better designed.

  2. am I missing something or could you not just trim off the side with the holes and re-punch?
    Sorry if I'm missing something crucial.

  3. You could do that Amanda and some people have tried that... but you have to do it to all of the pages as well.

    As it's only the tabs that are the problem, this 'sliding tab' sort of solves the problem.