27 December 2011

Budget Planner Template

So you spent too much money on presents and booze for Christmas? Time to start planning your budget for 2012? OK here is a template that will help you..

This template is designed for Personal size, but in a 'Z fold' configuration. To use this template you will need to cut a piece of paper to size (263 mm x 171 mm), then print one side, then the other on your printer. I used the manual feed on our laser printer and it worked just fine.

Once you have printed both sides it just needs punching and then folding, at 95mm and then back again to the outer edge.

Thank you to Gerard for sending me the original sample of this 'Vintage' Filofax page.


  1. Nice work. This is a useful page.

  2. Nice job Steve. In the interests of domestic harmony, I suggest that the Family heading be out-dented, rather than staying under the Animals/Pets heading :)

  3. Done... thanks for spotting that... Files updated