10 December 2011

Web Finds - 10 December 2011

Christmas shopping, cars to wash, house work to do?

Try leaving a comment on each blog you visit, bring a smile to the blog writers face.

We love reading comments about things we have written. It encourages us to write more... and you know what means... more web finds... yippeeeeee


      1. Ahh, the best part of my week! At least when it comes to blogs!

        The "How I'm using my Filofax - All Things Pretty... Awesome" link is wrong, it currently takes you to the link above it. Here is the correct link: http://beprettyawesome.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-im-using-my-filofax.html

      2. Thank you... link now corrected.. Sorry about that

      3. Always my favourite bit of Saturday - finished chores and what-not... now time for a cup of tea and a good read.
        Thank you as ever!

      4. yay! we have to go out for our Saturday errands, but when we get back I know what I'll be doing! It's cold and wintery here, so a good way to spend a warm and cosy afternoon inside.