04 December 2011

Charity Donation

Last year we donated £120 to the Breast Cancer Campaign using the commission earned on sales of Filofax goods.  I think this was an excellent result.

In July this year I pledged to donate all of the commission earned in the last 6 months of the year to a charity on sales through the adverts on Philofaxy for Filofax UK, WH Smiths, Ryman etc. I apologise now for making the bottom of this post very advert heavy!

So far that total has grown to just under £150 with a four 'buying' sorry 'donating' weeks still to go. Any purchase no matter how small earns a small amount of commission. So everyone clicking via the links on the site and then purchasing something have added to the total and we are all very grateful for your help and support.

When I announced this in July a few suggestions were put forward as to which charity we should donate to. I've run back through the comments and picked them out. I've had to exclude none UK charities because the commission is earned in UK £ and to transfer the money to another currency will incur transfer fees etc.

I have set up a poll in the side bar for you to vote for which charity we make the donation to early in 2012 once the final total is known and the total has been verified. So please vote, you have until 30/12/2011 to decide.

Here are some links to the charities if you need help in making up your mind:
Thank you for your continued help and support. 


  1. That is so kind of you to consider Chimwemwe. Thank you.

  2. Steve, I think you are great to have thought of this as a project and pretty clever to have sorted the links out with various stores. How that all happens and you work out the donation totals from the advertisers' pages, I've not a clue..... and I am in awe... but great that it has come together. Think we all know someone who has been affected by cancer.... sadly. Thanks Steve.x

  3. Darn you, I was going to ignore the 20% offer on Flexes today, and now I've just bought one to "support charity".

  4. Thank you Millie. Your purchase tipped us over the £150 mark!

    You might like to check out the French FF site. They have some different diary inserts for the Flex for 2012 with appointment times.


    Thanks again.

  5. The final result of the poll was:

    Breast Cancer Campaign 90 votes
    Chimwemwe 49 votes
    MacMillan Nurses 103 votes

    Thank you to everyone who has voted and contributed to the donation.