31 December 2010

Book Rewiews

Time for one last post of 2010... of course there is!

Thanks to Amanda for sending us another great template, it is one she has been using for book reviews for a few years.

I'm going to print it off a couple of these because I've recently got 'Filofax Facts' by Ian R Sinclair that I'm going to do a review of it for the blog in the next week or so.

The Book Review template is now in the Files Page.
Once again many thanks Amanda. 


  1. My pleasure! Thank for putting them up.
    Yes, we all know that once my cream paper comes I will be printing out loads so that on a rainy afternoon I can rewrite all my old records onto the matching paper... [sad but true]

    Happy New Year to everyone and thanks to Laurie, Steve and Nan for such an excellent site!

  2. Now available in 'Personal' size. Thanks Amanda

  3. Thanks Steve!

    Now... do I go and buy a load of cotton-cream paper in Personal size, print up oodles of book review pages onto them and make one of my old Personal size filofaxes into a book-o-fax...? Or... djavascript:void(0)o I stick with keeping them in the third A-Z in my home A5 filofax (with the distinct possibility of buying another A5 filofax to become a book-o-fax in the future)?


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