04 December 2010


I suspect most people just use the indexes that came with their Filofax organiser when they bought it. Even in daily use they last for years. I still have some of my original ones from the 1980's in my Winchester Personal Filofax.

During my 'moving in' session this evening to my new Pocket Chameleon. I discovered I had a choice of two different sets of A-Z indexes. One was a two letter set the other three letter set. OK it doesn't make a big difference, 13 dividers compared to 9 for the three letter set. But I was 'moving in' to a Pocket Organiser with slightly smaller rings so I went for the three letter set to save a bit of 'thickness' to my complete fill.

If you are having a reassessment of your main Filofax you might want to take a look at what indexes and section dividers are currently available on the Filofax website to see if there might be something slightly better on offer.

I've also seen several posts in the past where people have customised their section dividers.  You can buy blank dividers or use a label printing machine to relabel your existing ones. I've done this on my A5 Finsbury.


  1. We did a poll about indexes on Filomaniac last month, you can see the results here.

  2. Thanks for the link Iris, interesting result, shame more people didn't take part.

    I've added a comment on your blog post too.


  3. I recently bought a set of the 'professional' divider and index set when I was at the Conduit St shop while on a London business trip, for my A5 Filo. I have to say, they are really nice to use - blue and grey plastic as opposed to the usual card, I suspect they will withstand the wear I usually give indexes (indices?). I've never much cared for the customisation other people seem to go in for - the results always reflect my lack of innate 'craftiness', and I prefer to buy something off-the-peg if at all possible - and these are the best I've seen in A5.

  4. I would like some new dividers for my personal filo. Ideally I'd just like them numbered 1 -6, or even better, blank. I know they do blank white ones with coloured tabs, but the colours look horrible with my red classic! Is that too fussy??

  5. Nellie I don't think that's fussy at all. I've always hated the multi-coloured tabs myself.

    The French FF site has a set of plain 6-part dividers, which you can order from the Conduit St shop (I believe). I've got the catalogue number somewhere if you're interested and want to drop me an email at davidpopely@dpassociates.net

  6. I recieved my very first filofax today! Don't really know what to use my A-Z for yet as I dont need many adresses, I e-mail and text mostly, I'll be using my 1-6 for my diary, to do list, training (for work), General Notes that I need to remember but not necessarily get done, Travel planning and i'm not sure about that last section. I may use my A-Z as an index of medical conditions or medications (i work in hospital) as a quick reference guide but i'm not sure yet... I've spent all day organising it! Had so much fun! - it's now been taken away from me until christmas :(

  7. I create my own sections. I use the blank Filofax tabs and my label maker. I have to say that I couldn't live without them. I used to use the preprinted Filofax ones, but as my Filo evolved, so did my needs. I could put everything I have under the general tabs, but I was always forgetting what was where. So my created tabs work better for me.


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