30 December 2010

Filofax Christmas Presents

Well it seems that getting a new Filofax as a Christmas present was quite a popular choice this year, well judging by the number of blog posts we have seen and mentions on Twitter.
Until next time.... Enjoy


  1. Oh I wish!!! I'm off to read about all you lucky people :)

  2. That 2009 blogpost actually was the one that got me on the filofax-horse! How nice to see it back!

    Oh, and Santa brought me the Personal Finchley in Imperial Purple. Pics are on Flickr.
    Yeah, like I really needed another one, but it's sooooo lovely!

  3. Judith, your purple Finch is GORGEOUS! Checked out the pix earlier : ) Don't you just love it?!

    And PS...you ALWAYS need another one!

  4. Judith am loving the Finchley, that is my dream Filofax in Imperial Purple. If I succeed on my challenge for 2011 then I will get it in Dec '11!

  5. Oh Jotje one of my med students has the finchley in imperial purple and I would always have to touch it at some point during the tutorials! My group probably thought I was mad but so be it! Haha. Off to look at your pics now :-)
    Santa will definitely be bringing me a Filofax in 2011!!


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