18 December 2010

Surfing the other Filofax Sites

Do you ever sit in front of your PC surfing the net looking for that elusive Filofax refill or accessory that you have seen a picture of on Flickr or you have heard someone mention?

Sadly Filofax don't (yet) have have an international website that links all of their stock from all of their sites around the world back to one site. So you can find all the different types of diary refills in Week on Two pages in all the different languages and layouts, but without browsing all of their sites in all the various languages.

Before you ask I'm not proposing building such a site myself! But it would be  a great site if it existed. However, I'm sure between us we can bring together some of the things you have spotted on some of the international site that aren't mentioned on some of the 'obvious' ones.

For instance Sharon mentioned on Twitter that she got some credit card wallets off the Filofax Sweden site for her Filofax Mini. They also sell natty name plates for your Filofax, although I'm not sure if you can fit 'This belongs to Steve Morton, keep your nose out!' on the tag.

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard the comment, love the layout... pity it's not available in only English. Again from the Filofax Sweden site a Week on Two Pages but with appointment times and notes space for each day.

Another example from the Filofax Belgium site, this one again Week on Two Pages but in English, French and Dutch (I think!) again a great layout... but you can't order on line from Filofax Beligum... it seems Belgium doesn't get this idea of Eshopping on the Inter-webs... may be the 'one site for all items' could solve this problem for so many people....

So if you have discovered something unique on one of the other Filofax International sites, drop it in to the comments. 


  1. I have been reading this site for several months once I decided to switch back to Filofax after a 10 month "idevice" trial. The trial failed hence the reason I came back to my filo with my tail between my legs :)

    I recently moved to Germany and I had never really looked online before that there are so many different things available on the various filofax websites. I only realised this week that the cotton cream and in Germany 'professional' diary refils have a 'this week' box above monday - thats JUST what I need!

  2. It's so annoying that the Dutch (and Belgium for that matter) filofax websites don't do webshops :( I have ordered form the UK filofax website before, I get most of my stuff online anyways.

  3. I also find this frustrating. I find the UK offering in terms of inserts rather uninspired - I'd like a lot more in Cotton Cream, (I can't find any for A5 in this colour on the UK site) and also some more useful diary layouts. I'd also really like some top tab index dividers - I will just have to make some! THe only problem I have with the european sites is translation!

  4. Filofax.dk has a very interesting and untypical 2PPD refill for A5 size (http://www.filofax.dk/store/diaryrefills.asp?tn=1&control=processrequest&catId=4) ... in Danish though!

    I find it very annoying that I begged for A5 2PPD inserts on the FB page of Filofax, and they never told me that they had them already! They are "buried" under the Time Management section of the UK website. No idea why it's not included in their regular site section ...

  5. Steve I love both of those weekly layouts! When I use a week on 2 pages horizontal, that is how I use the day spaces (appointments on left half, notes on right) so that layout is really appealing. Very interesting that the day seems to end at 4 pm! I guess there's not much space for many lines.

    It would be nice to have a universal Filofax-ordering site, I'm wondering why they don't. I remember when I talked to Brigitte at the Filofax shop she said that each individual country chooses what products they will sell.

  6. I live in Sweden and I got a free nameplate with my filofax. You just had to send off the coupon that came with it and you could choose the shape, colour and wording. It is beautiful!

  7. That was my thought too about the 4 pm stopping point. But if the last time listed is 4 pm, that doesn't mean your day ends at 4, since whatever you pencil in there will surely go past 4 (unless your only entry at 4 pm is "go home"!). It is an interesting commentary on the length of the workday, though, since I've never seen a U.S. one that stops before 5 pm!

  8. That would be wonderful if there was a site where you could find all the refills from different countries! In my opinion, many of the US offerings leave quite a bit to be desired in terms of form, function, and, of course, fashion, but I have seen many interesting things on the Filofax websites from other countries.

    For instance, I adore the pink WO2P, and I am absolutely COVETING the professional day per page from Germany (http://www.filofax.de/store/diaryrefillsdetails.asp?productId=2523), just to name two things off the top of my head. The problem (besides the fact that I don't read German!) is the expense. Even placing an order from ONE international site (UK, Germany, etc.) seems to be pretty expensive --- the idea of ordering from multiple international sites is just not something I can even consider right now. So yes, I would LOVE a one-stop shopping type of website!


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