02 December 2010

Taking Stock

Do you ever open your stationary cupboard and discover some Filofax inserts you had forgotten you had bought and put away in a 'safe place' ?.... Oh it's not just me then.....

After the trip to the Filofax shop last month where I had intended to buy some inserts, but the excitement of the day somewhat took over! I didn't get any.... So I needed to go through what I have 'in-stock' and make a list and either order it up on-line or pop in to a shop when I'm in UK next, which just happens to be in a few days time.

So last night I gathered all of my Filofax organisers and other goodies together and laid them out in a sensible order. As you can see I didn't go too over the top with the placement for the the photo... using a ruler to get them all spaced with millimetre precision...next time!

So from left to right, we start with Mini, which I have inserts for, but no organiser... Then comes the 'Pocket' section, plenty of inserts there and an out of place Heart in Pink... included for completeness, I'm looking to swap  the Pocket size Heart for a Mini of some kind (contact me if you are interested, it's a Heart Pocket 2011, new not used). Then in the middle my personal slimline and punch. Then the normal personals including a couple of 'vintage ones', not many inserts spare there, there's also a grape Domino in that stack, not sure what I'm going to do with that one yet. Then finally my A5 which I only have some spare ruled paper for, but apart from the diary (QV Timer 21) I tend to print a lot of my own inserts for my A5, hence my punch.

The job today is to do the Pocket Finsbury to Pocket Chameleon swap over and at the same time work out what I need to buy next week for the other sizes. 


  1. Great collection, Steve!

    In my "everyday" Filo I keep a running list of Filofax items I need to buy - so I won't forget anything when I'm in a shop....

  2. Let me know what you need for inserts Steve...I have a whole bin of them and wouldn't mind culling the herd!

  3. The hearts Filofax is very you I think! ;-) I have 2 cute little used minis from ebay now (which shouldn't surprise you as I was mesmerised with them at the meet!)
    Methinks you like them too!! See if you can get one cheap on eBay.

  4. I'm wondering about that grape Domino...... hmmmmmmm
    you know what I mean...

  5. I think I might be the exception to most people - I have one workable Filofax and very few inserts. In fact not enough!

    By workable I mean I have an old pocket with rings they don't make inserts for anymore - so yeah.

    And I need a ton of inserts - sometimes I go through flickr groups and just drool and people with boxes and closets of inserts!!!