31 December 2010

Free For All Friday No. 111

Wow, FFAF number 111, and tomorrow is 1/1/11!!  Cool!!

Have a great New Year's Eve tonight!  And, all the best to you in 2011. :)

How have you revamped your Filofax in preparation for the new year?

As always on Fridays, the floor is open for you all to discuss anything Filofax-related!


  1. FFAF 111, 1/1/11 - it's all very auspicious!

    Have a Happy & Safe & Organized New Year, everybody! 2011 WOOHOO!

    Thanks for all the wonderful blog posts, comments, & great ideas on Filofax usage! I'm so very happy to have wandered into this site!


  2. Can I wish a very Happy New Year to you all as well.
    May 2011 be a recovery from the cuts & woes of the last year & thanks for the blog to Steve, Nan & Laurie

    Warm Regards to all

  3. Steve, happy 2011 !!!

    Philofaxy Fans - success !!!

  4. Wishing all Philofaxy makers and readers a wonderful, healthy and successful 2011!!!!
    I'm always a bit clueless on 31th December because I tend to wonder "How could this year have gone by so fast?"
    My grandma once said "Once you've turned 30 is goes so fast that one day you wake up and - boom - you're 80!".
    Geez ....

  5. Happy New Year everyone. I'm sorting my Filofaxes today - I've been procrastinating about it all week - I know I have too many filofaxes, but want to use them all! So it's deciding what to put to what use! I love reading about how everyone uses their filofaxes, so carry on the good work!

  6. Just one question - is there any chance of having a 'forum' for more chatting on this website? It would be great to 'chat' more with everyone!

  7. Happy new year, everyone :)

    I am still awaiting an order from the website, so I can do that last bit of organizing my Filofax for 2011.

  8. Hoping for my first filofax (2004 Hamilton bought used) to arrive!
    Hopefully it will be here in time for 2011...

  9. Happy New year Philofaxy, Philofaxy readers and Filofax addicts everywhere. I only found this blog in August and since then I have really enjoyed the wonderful posts and the community around this blog. The meet up was one of the nicest things I did this year. It was so much fun! I have set up an inspiration Filofax, as I finally got around to punching the holes so will share on Monday. Look forward to the teleconference on Sunday and until then everyone keep safe! New Year's eve can get crazy!

  10. happy new year to all the filofax users aout there. I am so glad I found this website a few months ago. It is a great place to get ideas and tips for filofaxing. I recently bought a new filo after an 11month idevice trail (and fail). I am very happy to be back in the filo world.

    I will be joining the skype chat tomorrow for the first time. im excited to get more tips from you all and share ideas.

    Happy new year!
    oh...and dont forget to take your filofax out partying tonight - you never know whos' phone number you need to jot down ;)

  11. Happy New Year everyone and thanks again for a brilliant site - I only discovered it about a month ago but am now glued to it. It's SO USEFUL!!!

    Now, quick question... would it really be mad to have three A-Z in one filofax?? This is my 'home' filo (which also doubles as my 'work from home' filo). At the moment it has two in there - for two different sides of my work from home stuff (writing and fund-raising). But... (and this is where the madness might start) I read a lot and I like to keep a record/review of what I've read. So I was thinking, maybe I could use the reading list template as a summary and then file individual reviews in another A-Z at the back, in the personal section of my home filo.
    Or is that just filing gone mad?

  12. Hi everyone
    Should a quick response to Alison regarding the forum idea. I will look in to it, but have you looked at the discussion area on the Philofaxy Flickr group?



  13. Amanda, if it fits the rings and you find it practical, I'd say go for it. You could choose different colours (white, cream and pastels or contemporary colours) to distinguish between the different registers.
    Another option would be to set up a separate Filofax for the reading lists (well, you DID know that we are all terrible enablers here, didn't you? LOL)

  14. @jotje :-)

    I had actually thought while I was lying in bed this morning... you know what, in a couple of years, those book reviews will be taking up so much space that they will need their own organiser. Haven't mentioned that one to DH yet!
    I had also wondered about putting one of my old personal sized filofaxes to use as a book review filo, but I want to be able to print my own reading lists and review sheets which would be easier with A5, right, as I am about to order the A5 punch and can create A4 sheets and use the booklet method of printing (thank Steve!!)?

    Good idea about the different colours - I already use the different coloured notepaper to help organise different projects within the sections.

    Okay, maybe three A-Z isn't too mad then. Although I could claim madness to DH as a reason to get a third filofax???

  15. Hi everyone
    Should a quick response to Alison regarding the forum idea. I will look in to it, but have you looked at the discussion area on the Philofaxy Flickr group?



    Oh, thanks Steve - I will go and check that out as I didn;t realise it was there!

  16. Haven't reorganised my filofax (yet...) but have just ordered a ream of cream paper so that I can print out various templates, and them all match!

  17. Where did you find the cream paper Amanda? I've been looking for some to order and can only find decent stuff in white.

  18. A very happy New Year to all of you. Like a couple of people who have already commented, I only discovered this group in the latter part of 2010, but it has been one of the highlights of my year......thank you to Steve, Nan and Laurie, and to all of those who have contributed.

    I have just about finished sorting out my (one) FF for 2011. The A5 has gone up in the loft - part of the major clear-out and sort-out which always happens around this time of year. My Hampstead Personal (bought 2000) is now fully set up for 2011, including the lovely week on two pages vertical appointments diary which Judith so kindly sourced for me from her local supplier. I think there will be a bit of 'bedding down' to do, but the system looks like one I can use going forward.

    I think the forum idea is a good one, but maybe the facility to bookmark threads of these discussions and thereby to get an alert by email when someone adds a comment would be equally useful? Just a thought.....

    Have a great evening, those of you who are out celebrating, and may all your goals be achieved in 2011.

  19. @Alison
    I just went to Amazon and searched for
    cream 80gsm a4
    and looked at what came up. In fairness, I'm not sure I have really ordered 'decent stuff' - I have just ordered straightforward cream printer paper (I ordered "Clairefontaine Trophee Colours Paper 80gsm Ream-wrapped A4 Cream - Ref 1871 (500 Sheets)" if that helps or if anyone can give feedback?).
    I'll let you know how well it works!

  20. Hi Amanda and Alison
    I've added a link to the paper on our Suppliers page.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a happy and healthy 2011!

    Alison - you definitely need a book-o-fax, no question! :)

    On the subject of a forum, I used to run one on robotics, and used yuku. Very easy to use and set up. Happy to help with advice etc if needed.


  23. Wonder if the book-o-fax might have been directed at me??
    Definitely considering it!!!

    Happy New Year to all!

  24. Happy New Year to Everyone!!

    I also started following blog in Fall '10 timeframe, and it has definitely made me take a closer look at Filofax.

    So much so that I got one for Christmas as a gift from DH -> a pink Classic Slimline. I picked it up from a store in Orlando while on vacation.

    It is all set up now with Week on 2 pages calendar (1/2 fits in at a time) and all of my GTD lists. I have address book and main calendar on computer but for some reason I need all To Dos and planning on paper. I love the flexibility already in being able to add and take away pages as needed; and it is small enough for my bag when travelling!

    I was hoping to "meet" some of you online tomorrow during chat but at that time, in my timezone, I'll still be at church - hopefully an opportunity to meet some of you will come up in future.

    And, I really enjoy the posts and also comments from everyone -> Make 2011 a great year!!

  25. Happy New Year to all my Filofax friends!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all, and watch the obsessions grow!

    Awesome blog Steve, Nan and Laurie.

  26. David, you can be sent comments on any post through an RSS reader -- just click the "subscribe to" button at the bottom of the comments (I recommend iGoogle).

    When you leave a comment on a blog, you can also choose to be informed by e-mail of further comments.

    I also sometimes bookmark a post with a tag of "left comment" to let myself know when and where I have done so.

  27. By the way, I also highly recommend diigo for online bookmarking, since it's so easy to tag and organize bookmarks, you can get to them anywhere, and you can highlight portions of web pages, like all the wonderful tips on here!

    Oh, and one of my New Year's resolutions was to finally get some of my planner photos on Flickr. Here is the beginning, with more to come: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11324386@N08/

  28. Alison: there is also the philofaxy facebook page for conversations

  29. Cream paper arrived this afternoon (despite it being a bank holiday in Scotland).
    Working quite well, with few bleed-though issues. Fountain pen ink slow to dry.

    Haven't road-tested it to death but the colour is good (slightly yellow cream, rather than ivory) and it's printing quite nicely.
    I have an ink jet printer (Canon MP640) and duplex printing was generally fine with it - little or no bleed-through to the other side, although one thing I printed seemed to take a long time to dry and smudged ink onto the following sheet of paper (I was manual duplexing a sheet with quite a bit of bold text on it, using the rear-tray).

    For those other fountain pen users out there... so far I have tried my Sheaffer medium nib calligraphy pen with black ink, a Parker (medium nib) with black ink and an Osmiroid (flat-tip medium nib) with blue-black ink. All have some bleed-through, although no more than you would expect (and less than/the same as filofax standard paper). None of the nibs 'scratched' on the paper - it was very smooth on both the 'surface' and the 'reverse' sides (if you don't know what I mean, let me know!).
    The drying time for the fountain pen inks on the paper was quite long though, so if you're left handed and your hand rubs over your writing, it might be a problem.

    Apologies for the long message - I wanted to give as full a review as I could to help others (but I realise for many that paper is just paper!).


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