10 December 2010

Free For All Friday No. 108

It's been another snowy week here in Scotland. The twice-daily school run feels like Shackleton's doomed expedition to the south pole!  We're due for some warmer weather today but it's supposed to turn cold again in a couple of days.

Now the month is getting really busy with parties, holiday plans, cards to send, gifts to buy, etc. How are you using your Filofax to keep track of everything this month?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything Filofax-related!


  1. i have christmas present ideas in the notes section and a to-do list three pages long tucked in to this week!

    i'm also thinking about making some of my own inserts - less business like and more free-form and doodly - possibly even making my own binder. so not filofax, but filofax-style.

  2. Alannarama that sounds lovely. Please share photos when you do your inserts. I have decided to use my lovely spots 'fun' filofax for this purpose see
    only problem is that my twin sister was able to see the entire list of christmas presents as I had included a picture! Duh
    :-0 hehe
    it was really useful as I didnt forget to send anything back home with my bro :-) And even though I wont be there I know I would have made them happy........

  3. I am in the process of splitting my life into my Filofaxes after the delivery of my latest addition.

    Roll on New Year when I can start using them all :-)

  4. Hi! Just a comment on my Loose Tea Journal (tea-o-fax as some call it... btw, thanks to those who asked about it on twitter!).

    My Tea Journal is housed in my filofax personal dorset. I just have to say it: LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the dorset. Rich, beautiful, sensual, gorgeous black leather!

    I also love loose tea (the taste, the culture, the ceremony, and best of all: sharing)! So I hold all the info (company name, date of purchase, teatype, country origin, etc) of the loose teas I own (300 plus), steeping parameters (weight ratio of tea to water, water temp, steep time, etc) with an indication of whether I blogged an entry for a particular tea, my blend ideas (successful or not), to be purchased inventory, comments I jot down as I drink a tea, and other peoples' comments because to come into my home is to be offered a serving of hot tea! Also included in the dorset is a set of filofax cream dividers (ab.cd.ef, etc.) housing some of my blog posts on a particular tea filed by tea company. Soon, I may include details/photos/inventory listing about all the teaware I own - Chinese gungfu teapots, yixing teacups, Japanese teawares, Korean celadon teawares, English teapots, etc.

    It's an ongoing, self-educational thing and though I am a lifelong tea drinker having grown up with it, I became somewhat serious about documentation about a year ago through steepster.com/aspiretobe (come & visit). The filofax dorset Tea Journal is also an everchanging, ongoing, evolving endeavor! ~lauren.

  5. Aspire your tea-o-fax sounds amazing.I am not a tea or coffee drinker but it must be such a fascinating record to have. Will definitely check tomorrow morning :-)


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