29 December 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness - Philofaxy

Well as you can see from the 'side bar' totaliser our donation has just gone past £50 and there is still all of January to go for that total to climb even higher. I'm not going to make any predictions as to what it might climb to, because I just want it to be as high as possible.

I'm also pleased to announce that Nickie over at Typecast has joined our contribution by including a Filofax link on her blog to the same account so anything bought via her site is also adding to the contributions.

If you would like the code to do the same on your own site please contact me.

The commission is earned on all sales placed on Filofax UK via Philofaxy ads like the ones below. It covers all items on their site nothing is excluded so even if you only buy a pen refill, or a top of the range organiser they all contribute to the donation total. Non organiser products such as bags, conference folders etc are also included.

Look out for further announcements and forth coming offers. 

Thank you for all of your purchases so far, every penny, every pound will be helping some one get past this terrible killer... That some one could be a friend, a daughter, wife, grand mother, or even your Mother in Law!!! [smile]

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