17 December 2010

Moving House....

No not me... been there done that got the T Shirt... one move in 20+ years was enough for me thank you!

But it is always nice to hear from our readers about their changes and what is happening to them, but the email I received the other night was definitely Filofax related and with their permission I'm sharing the picture with you all....

You might recall Erin from our reader under the spotlight series a few months back. Well Erin has become quite a legend after declaring/confessing/admitting to owning 75 Filofax Organisers (we suspect the number may be a little higher now!!)

Well Erin and her dear husband Jim are about to move house. Special attention has been given as you will see to moving 'the collection', all 7 boxes of them, excluding the ones in use at present...

Good luck with the move guys I hope all those boxes reach the destination in good shape and nothing goes missing.


  1. Erin best of luck with your move! :)

  2. Good luck with your move, Erin! Amazing, how even your moving boxes look so organised ... ;-)

  3. Smooth moving, Erin! Don't let those 7 boxes out of your site!! =)

  4. Good luck with your move! If it were me, I'd have those Rubbermaid containers for my Filos, with padlocks attached. ;)


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