10 December 2010

Filofax daily + weekly experiment

If you don't mind, please take a look at my post today over on Plannerisms, where I detail my latest planner experiment in an effort to find My Perfect Planner for 2011.

This time I'm trying out weekly pages and daily pages to see if this is a good combination of overview and details.  Incidentally, my weekly pages are Franklin Covey.

Anyway, if you could please have a look and offer any advice, I would really appreciate it!



  1. Hi Laurie

    As you know from recent exchanges, I'm a *big* fan of being able to see multiple perspectives and multiple time ranges, so I'm intrigued by your latest experiment, and wish you well with it. I too thought about buying the week on two pages diary from the French website, but preferred the Belgian/Netherlands layout - and neither site has internet shopping facilities! Slightly frustrating, and I don't see why FF can't implement internet shopping across the EU - but there you are.....

    Nearly all my issues are now resolved - I'm adopting a version of Jotje's excellent system and I'm *determined* to stick with the Personal size. I'm convinced it's big enough (if properly organised) to be able to manage my business *and* personal needs. I carried the larger Time Manager around with me for a day this week when I had a bunch of meetings, and found that it was really awkward to deploy when I was in the street or in shops, whereas the Personal Filo is nigh on perfect in that respect.

    I was *sorely* tempted today by the prospect of being able to pick up a Malden in either brown or scarlet for £60 less 20% in our local 'little' stationery store, but resisted - I can't justify it when my lovely ten-year-old oiled leather Hampstead is still 100% serviceable. Later I *did* buy a really beautiful leather laptop- and general business carry-bag - over £100 but heavily discounted (it was over £250 originally), and got it home to find that either one of the front pockets will perfectly accommodate the Personal Filo. Justification indeed, at least in my mind :)

    Diary-wise, I've already got two week on two pages layouts for 2011 (standard and landscape with appointments), and I probably *would* buy the Belgium/Netherlands version from Jotje's system if I could - but the French version isn't as attractive (to me) so I'm going to stick with my present options and use undated daily plans each day when I need them - I have days which are 'task' days and days which are 'meeting' days. I like the idea of daily dated pages with a white lined sheet in between to create a substitute day on two pages layout as well, though, and a *lot*, so we'll see. Otherwise I'm going to use Jotje's system and see how it goes. I ordered a bunch of coloured inserts from the Conduit St shop on Wednesday and they arrived today, so I'm in set-up mode once again.....

    Good luck with this Laurie - I'm convinced that being able to see daily *and* weekly detail is a real benefit, so I'll be watching to see how you get on!

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  3. I am trying Day Timer Week on 2 pages with appointments and daily to-do tasks on it.

    I have just taken out a hole load of stuff from my binder which I don't use, but it is still quite full!

    I have been having trouble combining appointments and tasks so I am hoping this layout will work. Time will tell!

  4. I have just started to put some appointments for next year in the new format... and it's so small! I have tiny writing, so I am not sure how others manage with this. I have a feeling this could be a fail. :(

  5. David I'm so glad you are happily staying with your personal Filo! I am learning it's all about compromise: yes a huge diary would give us plenty of room to write and organize however we want, but portability has to be part of the equation too.

    Thank you for our e-conversations this week! They have really helped me think through what I want from my planner system.

    Congratulations on your new bag, it sounds excellent and wow what a great deal!

    Nellie I was wondering how you were going to do with that format. I later remembered that I used that format about 8 years ago and it is so tiny I couldn't use it for anything.

  6. My mother tends to prefer the mini filofax since it suits her needs and fits into her handbag! however I personally prefer the personal size. since i find it quite big enough for my work and private needs. the only problem i have is the diary sheets seem slightly too small. meaning I have to place one of my note papers sandwiched between my to diary sheets for what i need to record. I am at last using a kind of system. although it doe seem that i just keep adding more papers to my organiser. Thankyou for a fab website. Regards Adam

  7. If anybody is interested in those weekly pages, please drop me a line. I could check at the shop to see if they are still available (or maybe I could order them). Shipping to the US would be 2.85 EUR and to Europe 2.31 EUR. The weekly pages itself were 13.95 EUR. Mail me at judithlang (at) home (dot) nl


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