03 December 2010

Two things to remember this weekend.....

Firstly don't forget our Skype chat coming up on Sunday. It's an hour earlier than previous ones. I hope as many people as possible can join in. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all. Full details are here.

Secondly Filofax UK are having a 20% off sale on their full organiser range this weekend. Click on the advert below and put in the promo code at the checkout.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I tried to order a new slimline today, the e mail I received did not stipulate it was UK only. I guess those of us in the states don't qualify as citizens in the global Filofax community. There are a number of things that aren't right here, if the US is not eligible to receive the discount, don't send us e mails and waste our time trying to pick out something we would like. I guess I should be more appreciative, it saved me a substantial sum of money.

  2. Crofter, which Slimline were you trying to purchase?

  3. The Guildford, need the 1/2" 15mm rings.

  4. Hi, the pens and leather shop (listed on this blog under the suppliers link) looks to sells that model and their prices are about 20% lower than the Filofax site, if that is of interest to you!

    I am on the west coast, and I was trying to use the Filofax US special for free shipping the other night. I was trying to redeem the coupon code on the last night of the sale. By the time I went to check out it was just past 9:00p my time and the coupon wouldn't work anymore - I guess it was past midnight on the east coast and I missed the sale window... doh!


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