13 December 2010

Festive Filofax

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas you would expect people to be busy busy busy with shopping and Christmas parties. You might think that they may be too busy to blog also people are probably using their Filofax organisers to the full to keep their busy lives fully organised and using every possible hour in the day.

Well we might be close to Christmas, but there are still some great blog posts for you to read.
Until later in the week... Enjoy


  1. I can't wait to do a blogpost on the filo I'm getting for Christmas (I'll finally be part of the 2+ club!)

  2. Katie you will be on a slippery slope! Hehe. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  3. There are pictures of what I reckon to be the ultimate festive filofax on the Philofaxy flikr site.

  4. Thanks for linking to me, Steve! There was a spike in my blog stats and I couldn't work out why until I just started catching up on Philofaxy's posts!